Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
06-06-03 09:11
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      P-DCB from DI chloro benzene  Bookmark   

Can one take P dichlorobenzene and react it with MeCN to give P Dicyanobenzene.  ??

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06-06-03 10:04
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      MeCN won't probably work but alkalimetal ...  Bookmark   

MeCN won't probably work but alkalimetal cyanides should.

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06-06-03 20:54
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      maybe try CuCN  Bookmark   

Alkali cyanides generally don't convert aryl halides to nitriles, even activated ones. Anhydrous CuCN does react at 200C. Look at Organic Syntheses, CV 3, 212 (9-CYANOPHENANTHRENE) and Organic Syntheses, CV 3, 631 (a-NAPHTHONITRILE). Note that heavier halogens generally react better.
06-06-03 21:19
      Reacting with Alkali Cyanides
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06-08-03 16:50
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      Common name  Bookmark   

Is ther a more common name for  Dicyanobenzene

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(Chief Bee)
06-08-03 19:29
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      1,4-Benzodinitrile perhaps?  Bookmark   

1,4-Benzodinitrile perhaps?
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06-09-03 04:49
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      Who rated that post?  Bookmark   

And why was it misinforming? An explanation would be appreciated.
06-09-03 21:49
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      rating explanation  Bookmark   

Hey Aurelius, dunno who rated your post wink, but the reason is the following: diazonium ions are formed from aromatic AMINES and nitrous acid, not from aromatic HALIDES. Your idea should work, but you'd have to tetrazotize (i.e. diazotize twice) p-phenylenediamine.
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06-10-03 01:21
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      oh  Bookmark   

I think I need more sleep.  That's two very obvious misses I've made recently.

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