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06-06-03 21:56
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If swim found a lawn sprayer that claims to secrete at 60 p.s.i.  could he use this to load household ammonia and expect annie to pop her head out? Serious responses please.

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06-07-03 01:50
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Make sure you remove the pick up tube inside the sprayer so
only gas flows out.

Fill it with ammonia salt, lye, and a small amount of water
to start gas production.

Dont bee dumping household ammonia in there, to much wawa.
(Hive Bee)
06-07-03 03:06
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Thanks, i realise that but there is more process to it and all i would really need for that is a gas can.

OK here is what I had in mind. Two jars/beakers with two holes in the top of each. Both of theses jars/beakers all the while immersed in a dry ice and acetone bath. Hook the spraying nozzle up to Jar A in the first hole and have the second hole in Jar A connected to Jar B with a length of tubing and have a punch balloon or something to absorb the pressure in the second hole of Jar B. What I would assume to happen would be two things. When the ammonia is dispersed the water would start to fill Jar A and the gas would move freely through the tubing Connected to Jar B assuming nh3 is lighter than air. and condense in Jar B either in the punch balloon or the tubing connecting the two jars. I think there is a few more aspects that need attention, but primarily will the gas even evolve this way?(high pressure).

--Word on the street is, You Reap What You Sow
06-09-03 10:35
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Annie is nothin to toy with.... if it's able to move through a hose to jar A, what is going to convince it to stay behind?  Please don't think I'm being a smart ass, but you will need a length of "cold surface area" for all to travel and cool down as it gets to a collection area (A) where it will then stay behind. There are some excellent posts where bee's have paved the way for you.  Refocus your zest for experimentation on learning as much as has been tried thus far. Before your punch ball gives your that Raisin Makover you never wanted!wink  If you decide to try this do out side and I'd rethink the punch ball!