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06-07-03 15:38
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Isopropylbenzene, Isopropylbenzol, cumene, Cumol, Kumen.....
CAS name: (1-methylethyl)benzene
CAS Nr.: 98-82-8

I am looking for this compound which is manufactured in millions of tons a year and canīt get it. My chemsupply would have to order it and the papertrail and the attention connected with this is unfavorable IMHO. After lots of diving through the world of hydrocarbons (aromatics, C9) I am frustrated.
Can somebody point me to some stuff which contains cumene in extractable amounts and is available in Europe?
No source of course, a hint where in the world of paintthinners or gasoline-additives this might be localized?
(itīs not in aviation gasoline, no, no...)

Learned a lot so:
European superplus gasoline (NOT US GASOLINE!) contains about 50% toluene and xylene...

thanks so
ORG smilecrazy

no! no! not the protonation!
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06-08-03 19:52
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Halogenation and elimination?  styrenic products?
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06-11-03 20:06
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SWIM was looking for alpha-methylstyrene which is also made in tons and tons worldwide but no one will sell to you without coporate federal tax id, bank and trade references, etc.
maybe go to the plant where it's made and loaded onto trains follow the train, and gank some when nobody's looking?
hint hint?
but since 9-11 trains are closely watched because all a terrorist has to do is put a C-4 charge on one of those cars carrying chlorine gas and it's mass pandemonium so you know they keep a close eye on chemical trains now.