nitrous351 (Stranger)
06-08-03 10:58
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      Evaporation of ketamine from solution  Bookmark   

This is my favorite way to evaporate the solution to get crystalized ketamine: Take the vial and pour the solution onto a pyrex dish (I use my girlfriend's pyrex meatloaf dish). Add 2 drops of vanilla flavoring. Put the dish in the oven, which is set to bake on the LOWEST setting. Periodically check your goods, when the water is all gone, your batch is done. Evaporation times will depend on the heat of your oven. The vanilla flavoring really does make it taste better too! (does anybee think that this might affect purity though...hmmm... I just thought about that)

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06-09-03 05:22
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      Steam bath avoids decompostion  Bookmark   

Just place your pyrex dish on top of a pot of boiling water. Using the oven can lead to decomposion from excessive heating, resulting in color impurites(it will turn pinkish-red). I've never heard of adding vanilla, but if it helps the taste then sure why not? Does the vanilla cause the powder to take on a brown/tan color?

Ketamine-made for cats and dogs but used by humans.
06-09-03 05:50
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      adding vanilla  Bookmark   

I have done this several times. Before I started adding the vanilla, the ketamine powder would be very close to white. The ketamine with vanilla added has the slightest tinge of yellow/tan to it. The effects are the same, but the taste is better. Also, I forgot to mention this in the original post... the slower you evaporate the solution, the better the K will be (not as many impurities?). That's why I said put your oven on the LOWEST possible setting. If it's possible, letting your solution evaporate at room temperature will make it even better (that takes FOREVER THOUGH). peace

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06-09-03 13:11
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      Slow evap.  Bookmark   

does result in less impurities as it creates larger crystals, thereby decreasing the amount of surface area in relation to volume

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06-14-03 11:57
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      Omg... lmao... rofl...  Bookmark   

Vanilla, does it really work? wtf, no one told swim this before. All those years of burning pure salt lick drips, damn.... Nice info tho... Any else care to verify this as true? Seems reasonable enough though... tongue
06-14-03 18:25
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      i swear it works!  Bookmark   

I had never heard about it either, until this FOAF showed me. i was over at his apartment with my friend, and we were watching a movie. I noticed every once in a while he would go to the oven to check something, but I never caught on til he came back with a big smile on his face. He said, "It's done, we'll just let it cool." I didn't even know what the fuck he was talking about... I didn't even know this guy, let alone he did K. But I did a fat track of his shit anyway, and it tasted like vanilla pudding powder mix. When I got back from nothingness, I asked him wtf was in it. he said 2 drops vanilla. I've been doing it ever since. I haven't experimented with other flavors yet, but I will next time I evap...I'll post results. Someone try this and post here to back me up. it really does taste better than just the crystals!
PS- I just use plain vanilla flavoring (liquid) that comes in a brown bottle. I use 2 drops...haven't experimented with more. Drop in the vanilla and use a spoon to homogenize the mixture in your pyrex dish, then evaporate away!

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06-15-03 04:46
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      BAD Quote.....  Bookmark   


Your quote seems to be something along the line of ketamine is made for cats and dogs but used by humand.... This is totally wrong Ketamine was created infact for humans as a replacement for PCP by Calvin Stevens (a Parks-Davis employee).  This drug was only admin.ed in veterianery clinics in 1966 after human useage.  Anwyas sorry this is basically useless info to type anyways....

P.S. I forgot to say that ketamine is still used in Hospitals as an accepted Aneasetic (Sp?) but only usually in the elderly and in the youngly (..? I mean kids).  Also it is almost allways admin. with a combination of benzo's... to reduce the recollection of events and stuff.. anyways...

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06-15-03 06:28
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      Actually  Bookmark   

Your quote seems to be something along the line of ketamine is made for cats and dogs but used by humand.... This is totally wrong

Actually some brands of ketamine HCL are manufactured for veterinary use only ie. vetalar, ketamina et al.  Capt Stubing may have been referring to these in his quote.wink
     And ketamine is the number one emergency room anaesthetic in "third world" countries for all age groups, not just children and the elderly.  It is unfortunate that it is not used more often in developed countries because it is such a wonderful anaesthetic that could be utilized in emergency situations without the presence of an anaesthesiologist.  But we would hate to have our precious "first world" patients be subjected to NDE's and post emergence "psychosis"  And to keep this rant on topic I think I am going to try adding some vanilla extract to a solution of ketamine HCL and evap....tongue

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06-15-03 07:14
No 440087
      K+Benzos  Bookmark   

Benzos are apparently added to reduce some of the neurotoxic effects of Ketamine, if you believe this guy:

He seems a little like he's trying to discourage K use, while simultaneously pushing 'traditional' psychedelics.  But swim sure does like the stuff.  It's true that it can be quite addicting to some. cool
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06-15-03 20:42
No 440178
      I'm not so sure...  Bookmark   

Benzos are apparently added to reduce some of the neurotoxic effects of Ketamine, if you believe this guy: 

Dolamite I would not have believed that shit unless I saw it with my own eyes.  This is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. 

Dissociatives are not frequently used as anaesthetics in humans because of what are known as "emergence effects", various odd effects that can happen when people come out of anaesthesia. All anaesthetics can produce these effects, but with the dissociatives it is much more common and much more severe. Dissociative anaesthetics (ketamine and tiletamine) are used in veterinary practice, since animals don't often complain about out-of-body experiences. Ketamine is also used in burn trauma and in children (who don't get the psychedelic effects of the dissociatives, and are not susceptible to dissociative brain damage).

WTF, tell me I am reading this wrong....  This guy is telling me that benzo's are adminisitered to prevent emergence psychosis (this is true) and in the same sentence he states that ketamine is adminstered to children because they are not suscetpitble to the "neurotoxic" effects of dissasociates?  I would like to see some research that backs that shit up.  From everything I have read ketamine and MK-801 are Neuroprotectant if anything, not neurotoxic at single anaesthetic dosages.  And why would children be spared from the so-called "neurotoxic" effects of ketamine.  The argument I would speculate has everything to do with psychology and nothing to due with pharmacology or neurology.  Children unlike tightass adults can deal with deceptions of reality just as we can.  This is why it is rarely used in adults in "first world" countries.  It has nothing to do with neurotoxicity, but the plain fact that most adults can not fathom any deviation from the duldrums of corporate cubicle land.  The use of benzo's in ketamine induced anaesthesia imho significantly reduces the positive effects of the ketamine itself.  Until the developed world can deal with such "terrible" "traumatic" experiences such as NDE's and the like, ketamine will never be used on adults.  This is a very sad reason for not using such an efficacious anaesthetic, that could be so utilized in emergency medicine...

OK let's continue this somewhere else for the sake of vanillan...mad

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06-16-03 02:25
No 440210
      From what I understand, Ketamine doesn't ...  Bookmark   

From what I understand, Ketamine doesn't produce NDE's in children AT ALL.
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06-16-03 04:10
No 440217
      NDE's  Bookmark   

From what I understand, Ketamine doesn't produce NDE's in children AT ALL.

How many children can explain what an NDE is? wink

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06-16-03 13:16
No 440279
      Children trip all the time  Bookmark   

Children live in a trippy dreamworld all the time anyway, because wherever they go, they experience the world as fresh anew as adults do when they trip - they have simply not been around long enough to find everyday objects and places mundane.

Have you ever played with pre-school kids after taking a psychedelic drug? You feel exactly like they do, and you laugh at the very same things...
(Hive Bee)
06-22-03 16:22
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      children  Bookmark   

children do experience NDE's from ket.   i read a first hand report of someone who recalls one such childhood experience.   maybe he's the exception rather than the rule but i don't know how they ever would have concluded that kids don't experience ketamine NDE's anyways when given the right dose.  the right dose being less than they usually use in practise.    i know that when i sniff a gram without tolerance i don't remember any of the experience.   the first few times i did this i was truly puzzled as to why i didn't experience the beloved hole i've grown so attached to.