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06-09-03 09:56
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      Recent EU Sassy supplier info needed  Bookmark   

Met an old friend the other day who asked me about that (in)famous and i suspect well-known source of sassy available to EU bees from a essential oil/ aromatherapy supplier on internet in a warmer area of France.  Hope that doesn't breach the rules!

Anyway this bee recalls that there had been some news of this supplier supplying more than just the good ol' oil....eg names and credit card details to the local LA!

Anyway another bee i heard from said that this same supplier is ok if you only pay in cash and pick-up in person (obviously).  The question is.....

Has anyone got any up-to-date info on this supplier and whether it might be safe to acquire sassy from this source in the future

Have been looking at posts and cannot find much info on this on TFSE.  Any info would be VERY appreciated on this matter.  Cheers
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06-09-03 10:21
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      Is it's address like ...  Bookmark   

Is it's address like http://www.%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A-%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A.com/ ?
If so then it should be a "phucking trap" as somebody mentioned in one thread a year ago or so.It might be ok,dunno,but i wouldn't bet my ass on it.

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06-09-03 10:36
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      Good advice which works for all kind of things  Bookmark   

These days, there is a trend to hire illegally immigrated Albanians to do the dirty work for you. They are cheap, don't ask for information and get the work done for you withouth too many problems (unless you don't pay them properly; you and your relatives will be dead, soon).
Off course, my first advise would be to refrain from any illegal activity at all. But once you're doing clandestine stuff, it's better to play things smart and avoid from being busted.

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06-09-03 10:44
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      Damn!  Bookmark   

You guys are way too deep here!relax!Lets remember the rules.The little**** works if your 3.tongue

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06-09-03 10:59
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      'That' supplier  Bookmark   

         If that line in the address is a dash then it is the same one (been up all night having problems reading!)  then it is the same place. 

You see this bee is kinda going on holiday..by pure coincidence....and she told me that she was gonna pop in and check it out.  Surely another bee wouldn't tell me disinformation about the quality of a potential source. 

It doesn't help with a suspect latin name for the oil too - Sassafras Officinalis......perhaps it should be called Sassafras Gendarmerie!  ;)

Also is this the right sassafras oil to be using (providing can establish that is safe)?  Have done a quick net search and TFSE and one net page suggests that it uses the leaves whilst another says 'offinalis' is another term for standard sassafras oil (albidium).  Confused bee here..... assistance pls?
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06-09-03 11:28
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      There is a thread about this supplier on this...  Bookmark   

There is a thread about this supplier on this forum some also.Thread wasn't deleted so i think mods agree with warnings.Somebody got busted ordering from them...

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06-09-03 11:32
No 438803
      Sassy Synonom  Bookmark   

It doesn't help with a suspect latin name for the oil too - Sassafras Officinalis... Sasafrass albidum is synonomous with Sasafrass officinalis.
one net page suggests that it uses the leaves.   I would advise against purchasing any oils that mention distilled from S.spp leaves.  I am quite sure the safrole percentage of the leaves of said species is close to 0%

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06-10-03 01:20
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      Seriously confused bee trying to fly to seek hone  Bookmark   

Have read over the earlier post warning against using this source, however it does say that 'the list of buyers' does this mean credit card details etc?? 

With regards to the 'officinalis' term, one side says that it comes from the bark of the tree which is good news.  Anyone come across this beefore?

Here are some articles i have found on this unusual type
Hope these don't count as sources. 



The more i read the more i think that this does indeed have the magic safrole in this type of sassafras oil.
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06-10-03 10:05
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      From above link: " Dr.  Bookmark   

From above link:
" Dr. James Duke reports that even if this same carcinogenicity were applicable to humans, a cup of sassafras tea would be 1/14 as carcinogenic as a cup of beer."
"So, sassafras is a bit carcinogenic to rats. More specifically, a metabolite of safrole is carcinogenic to rats. Humans don't produce this same metabolite. At any rate, this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows about sassafras."

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06-10-03 14:25
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      conspiracy of the year  Bookmark   

Jeez... If that is true, then this "Let's ban Safrole because it's carcinogenic" thing is a conspiracy worthy of being featured on the X-Files...
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06-10-03 17:00
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      LET me tell you  Bookmark   

A long time ago... maybe about 1 year ago i contacted said french company to get a quote for 1lt and shipping to UK.

He mailed back it was out of stock... but the price was bla bla bla..

Then out of the blue he kept emailing me saying he could supply 10lt and 25 ltr drums and even bigger quants for discount..

quite rightly i told the fucker to screw himself...

then whilst searching news.google.com i came across a story in a local american paper about a guy getting busted because he ordered from there....FED ex delivered it to him and busted to him "ahhh thats that the FED means"

He was also a bee (unfortunatly the story isn't cached anymore) and we had a few PM's back and forth..

anyhow sassafras oil isn't specifically listed in UK but safrole is...under some EU law it says easily seperably...but define easily ?

i suspect he is probably co-operating with loadsa DEA type agencies..

i know i had the www.nhtcu.org breathing down my neck , even to the point they were going to make me a offer of sale to good to refuse...then bust me for conspiracy to manufacture or somet... (and become a posterboy for the drugs war)

fuck the buying the sassy.... synth some...from eugenol.... i know thats not geared for large scale....

but if your large scale your not buying ltrs from EO companies are you !!!!!

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06-10-03 19:00
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      BAD deal  Bookmark   

Yup, find another source.  or take your chances.  That was a bad deal.  No bee should ever get stung.

Someone told me, as of 2-3 yrs ago, all was good with the supplier.  Others experience now state keep looking.


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06-10-03 21:54
No 439136
      The enemy has recently visit all US suppliers...  Bookmark   

The enemy has recently visit all US suppliers to go over guidlines of sales w/reporting amounts. Don't be calling up suppliers asking them specifics on this. As shown on the DEA sight, this would make you a suspicious customer. You can get all your answers at that page too. So have your shit planned out with correct answers and so forth. Don't fuck it up for the rest of us because of your stupid mistakes (like leaving the label on the bottle and your lab gets popped, you just interferred with my future dreams). Be responsible for the rest of us if you don't for yourself.
06-11-03 09:12
No 439299
      Gallic Snitches!!!  Bookmark   

They are offering it at US$79 a litre, is this a reasonable price to pay?  This mate of mine was just gonna pay cash and dash off.  Looked at other routes to honey but this seems the easiest with least and readily available precursors.

besides the US feds have no jurisdiction here, only with imported sassy to US and a couple of litres would be easy to return to the motherland... my mate hopes anyway!!

might keep an eye out for some desperate albanians and my mate will slip him a score.....

Also remeber, albeit vaguely, and not comfirmable that a definition of 'readily extractable' meant over 70% safrole in oil.....Wouldn't it be nice for some cunning oil supplier to provide 69% safrole content to evade LE and customs.  But only in my mates dreams
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06-11-03 10:07
No 439309
      If you can buy it OTC from em without giving...  Bookmark   

If you can buy it OTC from em without giving em your name and stuff,go ahead but don't do it over the net.

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