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06-09-03 14:18
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Ok bee's swim has been playing around with the old stove top italian coffee makers, And it seems the if you put a filter plate in before the (so called coffee)U end up with all the good stuff in the top part and just about all the shit stuck to the under side of the fillter.
Because of the steam preasure in the bottom, it forces all the vopours up the little condenser inside of it.
Anyway ill get back to ya all with some yields from what ever quantaty.crazy

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07-24-03 17:27
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wouldn't a filter plug (aka charmin) work a bit better still? I assume you are talking about what I am familiar with calling a 'percolator' - the principle would be to put the cruddy dissolved material in the bottom chamber and have the liquid pump itself up to the top via the vapour pressure of the heated solvent.

good idea though. it should be fairly safe (on a sealed electric cooktop) to filter just about anything (ie alcohol, toluene etc). Highly volatile solvents would be particularly rapid at doing this, eg DCM/ether.

interesting alternative to vacuum I must say.

I've seen these really groovy ones that are like 2L capacity (1L in each chamber) made of pyrex before. They'd probably be even better.

the only thing to be aware of is that the outlet probably would have to be modified if one uses high heat, otherwise it will splatter.

actually knowing what the average solvent expands like (in comparison to water per watt of heat applied), it would only take gentle heat, maybe even just sitting the thing in hot water.

It would be rather nice to get a custom made large device made from pyrex so one can work with larger quantities of material.

also, rather than use the standard outlet in the middle of the receiving dish, put a braided hose on it and point it into the inside of a jar or flask.

which reminds me of something - those little filter basket things in percolators would make neat buchner funnels.

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07-25-03 06:12
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      donīt want to be indiscrete...  Bookmark   

but telling what you want to extract might be helpful.

Dried urine from raverparties?
Ok, now I understand you didnīt tell.....winklaugh

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07-25-03 13:11
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dunno, I don't think it matters what one is extracting, this is a discussion about an alternative to vacuum filtration I thought

just thought of something else - this would be good for filtering solvents which you use hot, because they wouldn't cool down in the percolator, thus reducing the chance you filter someithing you do want (I'm talking about naptha here, since it is terrible at dissolving things) especially when using a charmin plug

we can't stop here, this is bat country
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07-25-03 23:53
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And I always thought filtration and extraction being something very different!
And I also thought you donīt know what you are talking about!
And I thought this is some very incomprehensive babbel!

And hey!
I was right!

I don't think it matters what one is extracting

I donīt think it matters what one is talking about as long one is talking...

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