chilly_willy (Hive Bee)
06-11-03 02:52
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      Recovering GAA after the 2Mn(OAc)3 RXN  Bookmark   

Considering the fact that the benzene, acetone and Manganese(III)Acetate can all be recycled effectively from the P2P reaction- what about the GAA?  Of course buying it is no challenge (except gallons of it)..what about omitting the 250mL water dilution at the end..extracting ketone with DCM..and fractionally distilling it out with the benzene and acetone?  1. Is H2O produced during the reaction? 2. Must the reaction be quenched with 250mL H2O before extraction? 3. What is the most effective method of concentrating a 50%+ solution of acetic acid after the DCM extraction?

(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
06-11-03 05:36
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      Purifying acetic acid  Bookmark   

>What is the most effective method of concentrating a 50%+ solution
>of acetic acid after the DCM extraction?

Conversion to sodium acetate, slow careful addition of 3x molar excess of sulfuric acid, distillation to recover about 70% of theory.

Fractional distillation doesn't work...
06-11-03 12:32
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add a link to the reaction you referring to, don't expect readers to go on a Search in the blind for you, to solve the questions you are fixed on at this moment.

To everybody: add links! LT/

(Hive Bee)
06-11-03 23:58
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Got a wee bit distracted by typing the actual post instead of being more specific with the reaction..heres the link:
Thx for the help so far..that was about the only valid method I was able to come up with in the search- wanted to get a few more opinions as well..