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06-11-03 14:18
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I have found many of what appear to be *excellent* sources based in China and other asian countries. I have tried for a long time to email, and most never reply. The ones that do reply often turn out to be to large scale for me; like multiple 250kg drums of material. So today I tried calling the phone number, and all I will get is a chinese person who doesn't know any english or someone who knows barely any. I try to ask them a price and they don't even know what I am talking about. I really wish that more smaller asian businesses would take advantage of email, since the language packs are able to translate for both buyer and seller. However, I realize that ordering by phone IS the old school way of doing business and the fact is that most chinese small businesses are not as computerized as small business here in North America. problem is how do I communicate with these chinese people to place an order?

I am not friends with any of the local asian gangs, infact we are rivals and enemies. I don't even have a single asian friend. Even if I did know a chinese speaking asian Citizen, I would not want to involve any Citizens in this. I would like to figure out a way to do this myself, so no one else knows what I am doing. Any tips on how to go about doing this would be much aprecciated.
06-11-03 15:49
      i've been thinking about this very issue ...
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06-11-03 18:47
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No sources, fool! That includes web site addresses...For fucks sake.
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06-11-03 22:24
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try using the language pack on your own email before sending it.  then use it again when they reply.

Act quickly or not at all.