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06-11-03 15:40
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I have some bromine tablets (61% bromine 27% Chlorine Active ingredient 1-bromo-3chloro-5, 5-dimethythydantoin), and I was curious about the best way to extract all the bromine, and purify it to a usable grade. Thanks.
06-11-03 18:59
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i dont think it would be possible since you have a compound there, it's not like bromine mixed with something else, you would need to make it react to create a smaller compound like HBr or NaBr then reseparate it, it won't be very economic. Look for bromination tablet (like chlorine tablet for pool) it's easier to extract it from there

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06-11-03 19:06
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I have bromine sanitizer tablets for spas. Can you recommend a brand of tablet, or are they just called bromination tablets, instead of bromine tablets? Thanks for your help.
08-25-03 21:00
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Blind_Angel, those ARE pool bromination tablets, and I wonder also about whether they can be converted.

Here is a thought: Their purpose is to....brominate....a pool. This means they very likely release bromine when dropped in water. Possibly chlorine as well--but bromine is a sort-of liquid, so if you really wanted to, I suppose putting them in a flask with an ice condensor and some sort of chlorine absorber (stink pipe attached to aspirator?), you would get your bromine pure in one step. Actually, I saw those myself not too long ago, during a survey of local stores for OTC precursors. Looked up the structure, too--it's pretty wierd.

You can make some pretty mean gunpowder with pool tablets ground up...try making a baby ball mill out of pvc and an upside-down remote control car sometime...cool
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08-25-03 23:47
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Bromine and chlorine will react to form bromine chloride, BrCl.

Br2 + Cl2 ___>  2BrCl

Also, its hydrate, BrCl.4H2O, will crystallize out when chlorine is combined with bromine in aqueous medium.

Just go buy KBr.

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08-26-03 07:59
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The compound in those tablets is far to complex to extract effectively by chemical process. I would go to your pool supply shop and buy some NaBr, or some KBr. You can the extract the Br via oxidation by adding H2SO4, and MnO2. The gaseous Br can then be condensed into liquid form.

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08-27-03 00:21
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Hi all-
SWIM just last nite told about a process adapted from I2 purification from tincture...
1) NaBr goes into a jar
2) H2O2 is added
3) muriatic is added (slowly)
To purify this crude bromine water, SWIM did not say...SWIM said it can bee done, hinted at distillation.
Suffice to say that bromine is not to bee fucked with lightly...will burn and sting and hang around for hours, if not handled properly.
Comments and (constructive) critism encouraged/ needed.

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08-27-03 09:50
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That's what I thought, but appparently not. As mentioned in other posts, the stuff in pool bromination tablets is trichloroisocyanuric acid, except one of the chlorines is a bromine. This is a good, clean chlorinating agent. In the pool bromine package, there is also NaBr. I suppose the idea is that NaBr + Cl ion -> NaCl + Br
I don't think chlorine would take bromine over sodium, somehow...
Remember, however complicated the molecule may seem, it has to release its chlorines or bromines into the pool water, so they can kill the nasties in there.
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08-28-03 17:59
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      spectator ions...  Bookmark   

The halides are spectator ions in this reaction.
You need to figure out what the Na+ ion is going to dispalce first.
Or something...

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