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06-12-03 17:29
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can any one of these be bought at feed stores or farmers markets? if so what to ask for? i have been reading ya post and i even called a few place and they said they have never heard of it. i have been looking for post on just basic info but every one just talks about how they used it. i am just trying to find out what works better and what one is ezer to find. thanks guys and have a good day.
06-12-03 17:42
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asking for it by chemical formula will possibly impress not only the employees there,but your local p.d./d.e.a.!google searching will be much more productive!
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06-12-03 18:56
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This is straight from the DEA's ass er mouth.

Hypophosphorus acid (H3PO2) and its salts are list I chemicals. Hypophosphorus acid is most commonly sold in aqueous solutions, all of which are regulated as list I chemicals and not regarded as chemical mixtures. There are no retail uses for this chemical. Hypophosphorus acid is commonly used by large industry as a bleaching, color stabilization or decoloring agent for plastics, synthetic fibers (primarily polyester) and chemicals. Hypophosphorus acid is also used as a chemical intermediate in organic synthesis and as a polymerization and polycondensation catalyst. It also has applications as a reducing agent and as an antioxidant.

Salts of hypophosphorus acid are known as hypophosphite salts. Examples of these salts include: ammonium hypophosphite, iron hypophosphite, potassium hypophosphite, manganese hypophosphite, and sodium hypophosphite. The two most common salts of hypophosphorus acid are sodium hypophosphite and manganese hypophosphite. The sodium salt is used primarily in electroless nickel plating. It is also used as a reducing agent, analytical reagent, polymerization catalyst, polymer stabilizer, and fire retardant. While the manganese salt is used primarily in nylon fiber production, it also has application as a chemical intermediate, they are not sold at retail.

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06-15-03 11:12
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You might find it at your friendly neighborhood Hydroponics store. It is commonly used as Ph down for hydro systems, although I'm not quite sure of the concentration. If they don't have it they can probably order it.


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06-15-03 11:37
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What you would most likely find at a hydroponics store is Phosphoric Acid and not Phosphorous Acid.

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06-15-03 12:26
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A certain company uses H3P03 in at least one of their pH control products, and often tout it as being superior due to the OUS being taken up by the plants in a much quicker, more efficient and beneficial manner. No argument here, just additional info.


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