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06-13-03 19:38
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I probably should have asked this long ago, but what exactly is the reaction taking place when you dump the post-Wacker solution into the 10% HCl, to get the ketone oil?
Could another acid (sulfuric) or Base be used to accomplish the same thing?
Helpful Hint: IMHO, here is the best way to do the post-Wacker:
1) Make up your 10% HCl, and pour it into your 4 liter or large Sep funnel.
2) Dump your post-Wacker solution into the sep funnel. The Ketone "Oil" will sink directly to the bottom of the funnel.
You can vibrate the funnel a bit while it's in the ring, but no need to shake or invert.
3) Sep off the Oil. You now have oh, 90-95% of the ketone.
4) Add first quantity of DCM to the funnel and invert/shake. Let sit and then sep off. Immediately add to Oil.
5)Add additional DCM portions to the funnel, shake, sep, add to oil, etc.
I've found this much faster, less messy than adding everything together in a large beaker and stirring, then sepping. Get full yield with my method everytime.
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06-22-03 22:19
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You dont need to add hcl acid. You can just flood the filtered rxn contents with h2o and get the same results. I don't fully understand why the addition of hcl has been implemented in the first place..

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