mysterious (Newbee)
06-13-03 20:18
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dear bees,

if i have  the ester methyl-cyclopentanoate: it is said that i have to get rid of the ester group so that  cyclopentane results. how can this synthesis step be performed? is there any reduction with DIBAH before or LiALH4 to get the alcohol? but then again there is  the hydroxylgroup (cyclopentanol).
please help me!!

thank you very much in advance!

(Hive Addict)
06-13-03 21:04
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use the needed molar ratio for the reduction of the ester with no or only very slight excess and you should get the product you want.

Act quickly or not at all.
06-14-03 10:27
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      Hydrolyze and decarboxylata (heat to 250C or...  Bookmark   

Hydrolyze and decarboxylata (heat to 250C or so).