TheHobbit (Stranger)
06-14-03 07:39
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Ok, I fucked up my last batch I believe. I tried cleaning the original crystals with IPA and I believe a large quantity dissolved in the IPA. I have the IPA/Benzo/I mix left, I have tried chilling, haven't tried the freezer yet. Is there a way to pull the benzo back out of the IPA? Would evaporating work?
(Chief Bee)
06-14-03 15:17
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Freezing will precipitate some of it (pretty pure, as it has been recrystallized), and evaporating the rest of the solution it will bring it all back (naturally, as it hasn't magically disappeared), but in a less pure state. Recrystallize that again, but from a smaller volume of IPA.
06-14-03 19:45
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      Ok, thanks. I was just wondering if heating...  Bookmark   

Ok, thanks. I was just wondering if heating would cause the benzo to decompose back into hydro or anything else.
(Chief Bee)
06-15-03 23:24
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I did not say you should heat anything. A water bath will probably be okay, but no strong heat, or it might sublime when most of the IPA has evaporated.
06-17-03 01:17
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      Yep, it does sublime when heat is applied.  Bookmark   

Yep, it does sublime when heat is applied. frown

Also I believe I fucked up my second batch as well. I am just going to drive several hours and buy pure benzo next time and forget making it. I will get enough for this batch but not worth my time.

On my second batch I tried upscaling it. I used an ice water bath to keep the temp between 30-35 for the 3 hours of adding the h202. Then I had to apply a very low heat to get it to 43 degrees. It was there for 1 hour so I thought "Guess it isn't going to get any hotter for now, I can take a quick nap." Woke up to 80 boiling IPA and really black crystals. Believe the same thing happened in my first batch but I didn't catch it that hot.

After repeated washings and some recrystalization I have gotten what I do believe is pure benzo but in a LOW yeild.
(Hive Addict)
07-19-03 16:35
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Damn it seems like the benzo faries come just when you are catching a quick they leave in digust, they kick on the thermo-kicker and send the temp skyward...

Dubious tip...(but it has worked for me..) through some H202 in the mix when the reac has run...drop temp 50c...(weight of h202 is the weight you put in originally)  let spin for a while should see some sort of non-flakey, benzoey looking crystals in a lil while (less than half an hour)

And to the question cook or fly???

lots of time during this reaction i wanted to buy it...(laugh)

benzo isn't the de-riguer chem for alot of things but mekin DRUGS...tho


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