mickyfinn (Newbee)
06-18-03 16:08
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      phosphonate solution for H3P03 reflux  Bookmark   

SWIM is about to take 113.4G of Aluminum Tris (O-ethyl phosphonate) and combine it with 113ml of 30% Muriatic Acid and after low heat (not boiling) reduction of 1/4 part swim intends to use this in an H3P03 dream. This will be done using 2 allihn reflux condensors with pump and ice cold H20.

Why wouldn't one want to use antifreeze alone or in addition to the ice cold H20?
Is there anything of which SWIM might want to be careful?

This is an electrified fairy tale...
06-18-03 16:41
      This stuff sounds nasty
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06-19-03 02:17
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      suggested by fellow bee - no one else?  Bookmark   

Can anyone illuminate as to why this thread remains unattended by anyone who is knowledgeable on this topic? Another thread is moving nicely getting observations and input yet this is stalled...WTF?

This was recommended proceedure by a fellow bee and SWIM was checking to see if there are any caveats. He already purchased the resouce and doesn't want to waste it if it can be transformed into a replacement for MBRP. SWIM is not in a position to purchase the actual phos after wasting so much on precursors and such already...at least for the next few weeks.

However, the opportunity for unencumbered exploration of this discipline will only last two more weeks...then SWIM is back to a roomate sitch that doesn't lend itself to this type of activity.

SWIM using 28.8 modem due to lack of high speed connection over the next two weeks...so please give SWIM a funkin' break people...please at least point out what vernacular to use in TGDFSE that will yield what info is missing for SWIM...SWIM needs to print out and read offline in order to save wear and tear on his eyes but needs the right information as he can't print the whole fumkin search engine.

I get my back into my living....