Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
06-19-03 04:28
No 441002
      Synthesis of PMDEA  Bookmark   

11ml diethylamine is dissolved in 30ml MeOh with 2 gms silica gel in an ice bath.  then 10gms of PMP2P is alled and stirred for 1 hr. then .83 gms NaBH4 is added all at once and stirred for 20 hrs.  5ML GAA is added and solution is washed with 20mlDCM. Product basified with 10 ml25% Naoh An extracted with 30 ml EtAcOh 2x.  theses extracts are dried and gassed with HCl to give 8gms P-Methoxyphenyl-2-diethylamine. Mp.Pending rextyl.
I wonder what this is going to do??


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(Chief Bee)
06-19-03 06:34
No 441009
      A cautionary note  Bookmark   

Whatever it may do, be careful with the dosage - as you know, many mono-oxygenated amphetamines have significant pressor activity (i.e. increases heart rate and blood pressure) compared to their psychoactive effect - so a toxic dose may be lower than the dose needed to produce a significant psychoactive effect.

Other than this cautionary note, nice to see someone developing novel substances.
(Hive Addict)
06-19-03 14:13
No 441125
      Bioassay  Bookmark   

Bioassay will come when optical isomers are isolated and analyzed with GC/MS. Will start bioassay at 250mcg.  DEA stinks. easy synth though liquid amines are cool.  Many twisted analogs to come since the DEA is requiring permits now.

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal