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06-19-03 18:21
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      Column length for MM Hg/Al  Bookmark   

SWIM wants to do the MM Hg/Al reaction in a 2Litre, 2 neck flat bottom flask. Is a 200mm condenser enough to contain the reflux? Would it be better to stack the condenser on top of a vigreux column? How are the smells for this reaction? THanks Peace

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06-19-03 20:43
No 441093
      Unsure  Bookmark   

Anytime that you are unsure and have the available materials/glassware, it is a good idea to add another bit of length.  Put a short or medium length vigreaux on there and then the condensor, it won't hurt*, but it may help.

*../rhodium/chemistry /alhg-meno2.html
  This gives additional notes on the factors can influence the reaction.  So, yes it may be affected, but it shouldn't be by much.

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06-22-03 17:07
No 441701
      Or if containing a runaway reaction is the concern  Bookmark   

Or if containing a runaway reaction is the concern you could add a length of clear vinyl tubing or other such tubing to contain the possible Al/Hg Volcano.