hbo2 (Stranger)
06-19-03 20:14
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swim finds himself in possession of a zippy looking piece of glassware he can't seem to find any info on.he heard it's a piece of distillation glassware;it's got 2 teflon valves & is marked "corning 7235"...anyone?...anyone?...anyone?...
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06-19-03 20:31
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post a picture of it or find a picture of it online in a glassware shop.

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06-19-03 22:28
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swim's looked everywhere & then some,and doesn't own digi-camera...
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06-20-03 00:46
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Draw a  picture
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07-03-03 07:01
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give a more detailed description...

Are there ground joints? If so, that will aid in the orientation of the piece. The male joint USUally points down (no pun intended) the female joint vaugely orients north, (up) drip tips also point down. Orientation is based on the intention of use BTW. NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, in this position, what is the general shape? is it a letter "Y" aka looks like "y" or an upside down "h" is there a slender "eyedropper" inside of a bulb? Where are these "teflon valves" incorperated? Are they valves or stopcocks, or diverter knobs? How many openings? Is it a flask of some kind?blush

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07-03-03 12:24
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Is your mystery glassware anything like this thing here?

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It does sound sort of similar.

But yes, a picture of it would be bitchin'

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07-04-03 07:37
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      maybe i have an answer- check this link out  Bookmark   

this looks kinda like you described i'm not sure.\3915.gif
please post back
08-09-03 12:32
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nope,but thanks...swih will get a more detailed descrip & post again!