nutlin (Hive Bee)
06-22-03 05:14
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Hey my hotplate/stirrer kicked the bucket, so i need to get another one. I was hoping you guys could help me decide. What model hot plate do you own? how much did you pay for it, and how well has it served you?

(Hive Bee)
06-23-03 01:04
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here's my nickle's worth.

get a plain single burner.

disable the variable heat function so that its balls to the wall all the time.
plug it into a variac capable of handling the power.

presto infinitely variable heat -- even higher temperatures are availible if you use a variac that puts out overvoltage -- 0-120/140vac...
(Chief Bee)
06-23-03 06:29
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UTFSE for my name and "ika mag" in the body of the post to see my reccommendations.