Beaker_Is_Alive (Stranger)
06-22-03 11:04
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      GABA ----> GHB/GBL - Anyone else have problems?  Bookmark   

My friend has run this reaction several times, several ways (including chromic's final), with different brands of GABA. So far, hes pretty much wasted $100 and several days for nothing.

He's tried using H2SO4 from the get-go, using HCl, three different brands of GABA, NP extraction of GBL in acidic solution using ether and then coleman's, titrating the NP with a base to try and synth GHB from the GBL extraction, boiling off the NP to leave GBL, etc., etc...

As far as he is concerned, he's either dumber than shit for missing something or hes wasting his time trying to turn lead into gold.

Can someone please write up or point my friend to a successful abstract they KNOW works?

Also, when did people stop talking about color changes? Anyone besides my friend pay attention to color changes during a reaction these days? What color is the "GBL" that has been extracted, I wonder? wink
06-22-03 15:22
      Throw out some ideas...
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06-22-03 20:05
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      I have heard that HNO2 can be produced in situ  Bookmark   

I have heard that HNO2 can be produced in situ from conc. nitric and potassium metabisulfite.
06-22-03 21:41
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      UTFSE??  Bookmark   

I typed the following into the "subject/body search field;" nitric acid gaba.

I got back two matches, and both came from Chromic's GABA thread, which I have almost memorized by now.

Thanks for the info, rop.

Anyone else try the GABA reaction and fail?
(Chief Bee)
06-23-03 04:19
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      Why you should UTFSE before you ask  Bookmark   

You can UTFSE to find out that KNO3 is completely useless for diazotization (conversion of R-NH2 to R-N2+ - the latter which can hydrolyze to R-OH) and that NaNO2 must be used, as the active reagent responsible for the diazotization is HNO2, formed on the spot (in situ) from the acid and NaNO2.

Not being a chemist yourself, you should not question the procedures put forward by people actually schooled in the subject, unless you have solid references to back your statements up with, rather than wild guesses. We aren't making things more complicated than necessary for fun, only when it is required for either yield, purity or safety reasons.