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06-24-03 02:08
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      PPA from MEK and Benzaldehyde?  Bookmark   

I have UTFSE until I'm BITF, but I clearly recall seeing some discussion re: cross-aldol condensation using mek+benzaldehyde to get ppa, or something very similiar to that reaction. Please help! am I delusional?
(Chief Bee)
06-24-03 02:31
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      No such thing.  Bookmark   

You are probably confusing Post 428632 (Rhodium: "Piperonal + MEK -> Isosafrole?", Novel Discourse) with another post, possibly Post 438325 (Rhodium: "Norpseudoephedrine synthesis & optical resolution", Methods Discourse).
06-26-03 13:01
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      I think you are thinking of this little gem by  Bookmark   

I think you are thinking of this little gem by Twodogs:
Post 245942 (twodogs: "New method for P2P", Novel Discourse) P2P, aldol, MEK, benzaldehyde ect.wink
Nice aint it?

08-15-03 02:22
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      Ahhh- BzH + Alanine -> ppa  Bookmark   

Found the benzylaldehyde + alanine=PPA, seems simple with the exception of removing the benzylamine byproduct from the final product - What do bees think about P2P by taking the crude PPA with benzylamine , covering with toluene, hydrolyzing with H2S04/ZnCl,separating, and evapping the toluene? Will the benzylamine hydrolyze into anything that will be taken up in the toluene? Is this a reasonable route to P2P?
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08-15-03 06:06
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      Hey Driven  Bookmark   

Have you seen this ?  Post your latest tests results- etc. 

(if you would that is)

Act quickly or not at all.