Techniques (Stranger)
06-24-03 06:31
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      How, and into what, does LSD decay.  Bookmark   

    This is my first time posting on the hive, so my apologies if this has been gone over, I did a search so hopefully it hasn't.
    To satisfy my curiosity could anyone tell me what molecule(s) LSD decays into and what about the original molecule causes it to decay at those points on its structure.  Also if anyone knows any interesting tidbit about the things it decays into that would satiate my curiosity immensely.

Thanks in advance, someone asked this on another message board and it piqued my interest.
06-24-03 09:22
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      The main routes are ring hydroxylation at...  Bookmark   

The main routes are ring hydroxylation at position 13 and 14 (rats) (also at 12 (human)?), indole 2,3-double bond oxidation to 2-oxo-2,3-dihydro-LSD, partialy followed  by aromatization to the respective naphtalene derivative, and de-alkylation to ethyl-lysergamide and lysergamide. The hydroxylated compounds are the excreted as their glucuronidates.
(Chief Bee)
06-24-03 13:11
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      decay/break-down/metabolism  Bookmark   

Lili: You give a great description of LSD metabolism, but I think Techniques really was asking for the break-down products of LSD on prolonged storage, outside the body. If so, then Shulgin tells the story here: Post 322099 (Rhodium: "lumi/iso-LSD", Tryptamine Chemistry)