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      Some recent applications of Amino Nitrile Chemisty
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Some Recent Applications of -Amino Nitrile Chemisty
Chem. Soc. Rev., 29 (5), 359-373 (2000) (


Bifunctional -amino nitriles are not only versatile intermediates in organic synthesis but also exhibit a valuable dual reactivity, which has been utilized in a broad range of synthetic applications. This review highlights recent developments in the chemistry of -amino nitriles, including asymmetric synthesis of -amino acids via Strecker reactions using chiral auxiliaries and catalysts, -amino nitriles as masked iminium ion equivalents in cationic reactions and the synthesis of natural products and heterocycles, and -metallation to provide nucleophilic acyl anion equivalents and applications to asymmetric Umpolung reactions.

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In the (Scheme 26 )Summary of reactions of lithiated a-amino nitriles.

Notice that the production of P2P ketone  and diketones in the reaction with lithiated amino nitriles, that cought my eye and could be exploited say using a cheap OTC Phenylalanine  amino

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