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06-25-03 21:34
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      Cocaine Base to Hydrochloride Method     

Swim was wondering if the following method cobbled together from Argox, Terbium etc posts sounds workable/efficient ?

1) Dissolve 1kg Cocaine Base in 12L ether and filter out impurities.

2) Mix 250ml 31% anhydrous HCl in 1L acetone and add to ether/base mixture and stir well.

3) Boil off ether.

4) Allow remaining mixture to cool, then filter and dry crystals.

Are there any further steps required?

What would be the expected yield of the hydrochloride salt?
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06-25-03 22:03
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      "31% anhydrous HCl "     

No such thing. 31% HCl is in solution, meaning it contains water.
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06-26-03 00:59
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      Re: Cacaine Base to Hydrochloride Method     

It is generally best if you just gas it with HCl, look under TFSE (the search engine on the hive) and look for gasing, also you will find a method of making your gas producing apparatus. So do some reading and you will see that's not too bad of a method and you will also see how the method you suggest will not work to your

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06-26-03 18:38
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06-29-03 02:40
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      All understood     

thanks java. i did utfse but didn't quite have it together in my head as i do now. cheers.
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07-10-03 20:16
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Anhydrous HCl is a gas made from 31% not the typical hardware brand(25%). Reagent grade (36%) would be a better choice for gassing. Bubbled through conic sulfuric acid will dry it or search dwarfers post for his handy dandy gassing machine.    The instructions are correct just not detailed.

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07-11-03 05:53
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      Post 60381     

Post 60381 (terbium: "Re: How to purify the evil cocaine", General Discourse)

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07-11-03 11:56
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      25% HCl ???     

weird, everywhere I see it over here in the land of oz, it's all 33% or so, hardware store, poolshop (just reminding ppl that HCl can be bought in pool shops as pH down for bugger all for 4L worth)

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07-17-03 09:04
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      terbium, in your referenced post you say that...     

terbium, in your referenced post you say that a quick acetone wash can be used to purify cocaine HCL.

Derivative Type:  Hydrochloride
Additional Names:  Cocaine muriate
Molecular Formula:  C17H21NO4.HCl
Molecular Weight:  339.82. 
Percent Composition:  C 60.09%, H 6.53%, N 4.12%, O 18.83%, Cl 10.43%
Properties:  Crystals, granules, or powder; saline, slightly bitter taste; numbs tongue and lips.  mp ~195.  [a]D -72 (c = 2 in aq soln pH 4.5).  One gram dissolves in 0.4 ml water; 3.2 ml cold, 2 ml hot alcohol; 12.5 ml chloroform.  Also sol in glycerol, acetone.  Insol in ether or oils.  Avoid heat in preparing soln as it decomposes.  Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant containers.
Melting point:  mp ~195
Optical Rotation:  [a]D -72 (c = 2 in aq soln pH 4.5)

it says in the merck that it is soluble in acetone.  Is it just that it is so quick that it cant go into soln?
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07-17-03 16:03
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The idea is that the impurities go into the acetone faster and so the cocaine doesn't have time to go into solution.  Plus, as more impurties are dissolved in the acetone, it is likely that they will decrease the solubility of cocaine in acetone, which also helps in a (very) small way.

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07-18-03 13:47
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      Acetone is added to the gram of cocaine base...     

Acetone is added to the gram of cocaine base
the liquid is filtered
in a separate beaker about (0.75ml) of the HCL-methanol solution is added to
10 ml of acetone
this acid-acetone solution is mixed well
the acid-acetone solution is poured quickly into the cocaine base solution
while both are still swirling
wait one hour for crystallization finish !
and filtre the solution and wash cocaine with acetone
result pure Cocaine Hcl  !
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07-29-03 13:33
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      I don't believe that cocaine hydrochloride is...     

I don't believe that cocaine hydrochloride is soluble in acetone. Many of the cocaine 'recipes' and writeups about its purification use acetone/HCl mixtures for crystallisation.

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10-01-03 09:50
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      removing color from base     

Swim was told recently of problems with dirty base encountered by a foaf.

The base was a multicolored and presumed to contain clothing dyes and other impurities. Some was dissolved in acetone and filtered but the solution was still a bluey purple colour. It was then treated with activated carbon by boiling it for 5-10 mins and filtered. This still didn't help so this step was repeated but again with little success. It was allowed to dry, redissolved in the minimal amount of acetone needed and and 4 times the amount of cold water poured in and voila, the base sunk to the bottom and was an off white color (although on some repeated attempts, the best that could be achieved was a light tan color). The base was then filtered off and allowed to dry. (One thing that should be mentioned was that if the base was attempted to be removed from the water by the addition of ether, the color went with it).

Terbiums method of crystalizing was used ie: hcl/methanol in acetone mixed with base dissolved in acetone. Nice white crystals were obtained.

Some questions to ponder;

1) what is the best way to remove the color (suspected clothing dye) from the base?

2) In Vogels, it mentions that an aqueous solution is the best way to remove color with carbon and that organic solvents the least. Since base melts at around 80 degrees celsius, is it correct to assume that if it was boiled in water with carbon it would be damaged?

3) The resulting crystal, although nice and definitely had the cocaine feel, seemed to lack the instant 'euphoria' which was replaced with a delayed duller euphoria. Is this the result of the crystalization method or related to the processing of the original base?

4) When it was decided that it may be best to base back and try again to see if the new batch was more euphoric, swim was unsure to what pH coke base needs to go to? 28% lab grade aquaeous ammonia was used.
03-26-04 04:41
      it doesn't seem like a good idea to boil ...
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