xeno_tropic (Stranger)
06-27-03 02:21
No 442773
      N-Arylalkyl Piperazine Alylkylation  Bookmark   

If I have a piperazine which is heavily alkylated at one nitrogen, such as phenethylpiperazine, could the other nitrogen be alkylated with cyclohexyl bromide and KCO3 in alcohol (+ heat)? Is there anything which stands out as wrong with the idea of this reaction?
(Chief Bee)
06-27-03 10:35
No 442850
      1-Phenethyl-4-Cyclohexyl-piperazine  Bookmark   

No, that general idea is sound, and the product would in that case be 1-Phenethyl-4-Cyclohexyl-piperazine. However, you might need to look up the exact reaction specifics (reaction time, amounts, temperature) or be prepared to experiment some for optimum yield.