paccman (Stranger)
06-27-03 01:46
No 442852
      meth ice....  Bookmark   

swim was reading uncle festers 4th edition secrets of..
swim read in one of his chapters he menitons production of "ice" he mentions the use of a solvent and dry ice. swim was wondering how this is accomplished.

06-27-03 03:05
No 442876
      No way  Bookmark   

Theres no way mixing any kind of solvent and dry ice would produce meth. The dry ice and solvent would probably bee used as a cooling bath for some reactions that synthesise P2P. I know P2P via acetic anhydride and benzyl magnesium chloride requires temps of under -60C to yield well, and an acetone/dry ice bath is used to achieve temperatures as low as this. (acetone mp -95C)

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06-27-03 03:12
No 442877
      He is talking about  Bookmark   

he is talking about meth in its freebase form and adding dry ice I believe. It is supost to make a more smokable form of the product.
I think anyway, It's been a long time sense I've read that book..
 I don't know how you can get a more smokable form as long as it's an Hcl anyway..

Tighten Up!  (UH)
06-27-03 03:57
No 442882
      Smoke  Bookmark   

Meth at its natural pH (6.8 i believe, but please correct me if im wrong) as an HCl salt will indeed be as smokable as freebase. Any excessive addition of HCl in whatever workup to meth is used, and the final product's first hit will taste nasty to the smoker because it is excessively acidic.

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06-27-03 05:35
No 442893
      Got lucky.  Bookmark   

While UTFSE, I just found this Post 372313 (Chicken: "Methamphetamine Water Pipe", General Discourse)while UTFSE smile

I forgot to click on the stimulants box for an exclusive search. I'll have to remember that not all stimulant threads get moved here! wink
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06-27-03 05:50
No 442895
      it shouldn't be  Bookmark   

The first hit shouln't be nasty because the cook should have washed his overshot product with acetone.... A good cook takes care of that little problem as he would any other little problem that might pop up before anyone gets to smoke anything.

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06-27-03 07:47
No 442922
      meth carbonate  Bookmark   

The discussion, I suspect, is how to produce meth carbonate from freebase methamphetamine. It is covered in the stimulants forum also, with instructions about how to make it and with information about its characteristics.

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06-27-03 12:51
No 442964
      ...  Bookmark   

damnnit geez!!!  you beat me to it again.  why do i feel like i'm following you around on here?  guess i'll have to get up earlier...  or stay up later....  or hmmmm...  nevermind...

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06-27-03 12:55
No 442967
      got that book  Bookmark   

swim was reading uncle festers 4th edition secrets of:

that part of his book isnt very discriptive.i tried it with no luck.

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06-27-03 13:01
No 442970
      ooo,ooo When it comes to carbonate I just cant  Bookmark   


When it comes to carbonate I just cant resist.

HAs anyone tried this carbonation idea yet???

Post 266040 (ballzofsteel: "Re: Bugs look out here comes the HCL !!!", Newbee Forum)

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06-27-03 15:34
No 442996
      Use of CO2: benzylmagnesium chloride ...  Bookmark   

Use of CO2:
benzylmagnesium chloride ---(CO2)--->phenylacetic acid

That is, benzyl chloride in dry ether or thf, reacted with Mg, then dry ice, then quenched to produce phenylacetic acid for P2P production.
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06-27-03 16:55
No 443014
      Co2 gassing  Bookmark   

When swim has his freebase meth in a non polor, he pokes
open a co2 for bb-guns and simply drops it in.

This is the type of meth that looks like crack cocaine.
06-27-03 17:14
No 443021
      Hmmm...  Bookmark   

When swim has his freebase meth in a non polor, he pokes
open a co2 for bb-guns and simply drops it in.

Would bubbling the CO2 through the NP + Meth freebase result in the same thing? So, after gassing the NP + FB you are left with NP + MethCO3? Damn, sounds too good to be true :)

06-28-03 10:00
No 443135
      Sounds nice. Someone explained it to me a...  Bookmark   

Sounds nice.

Someone explained it to me a while back,that some H2o must be present for it to work.
(Hive Bee)
06-28-03 14:03
No 443161
      Yes  Bookmark   

Its almost like titrating.

We humans exhale co2 correct? I wonder if its enough to bee
used here.
06-28-03 15:31
No 443169
      Soda water might do the trick, as long as the...  Bookmark   

Soda water might do the trick, as long as the mineral content is low or null, I'd say.
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06-28-03 17:07
No 443183
      Seltzer  Bookmark   

Tonic water, club soda, seltzer all seem to turn the meth
hard as a rock and render it useless.

I think they all contain sodium bicarb.

The meth will not melt, or disolve in a strong basic
solution when swim used these.

Swim's favorite way is to get a can of keybord/electronic
duster [co2] and gas it into the h2o in your a/b vessel,
shake, seporate, evaporate.

Anybee have experience salvaging meth rocked via sodium

Strong base, strong acid, water, acetone, heat seem to do
nothing to disolve it. This stuff might make for a good
fuelproof epoxy even!

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06-28-03 17:30
No 443190
      Huffing Freebase Vapor  Bookmark   

I'm just curious as to how you all, who prefer to vaporize (as opposed to smoke{which implies burning}) your meth in its pure freebase (liquid) form, store and handle the freebase?

I would guess in some sort of vial which then might reside in the refigerator, but I may incorrect about this assumption.

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