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06-27-03 10:50
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      amatuer chemist with....safrole ? go easy..fokes  Bookmark   

hello all, please go easy on me it is my first time.

i have a question about safrole, first i have not begun the synth yet, for this reason i want to cover all angles of concern. one, from searching around the hive i have noticed people talk about purification of safrole. i have sassafras oil from china supos-90% safrole. is it as easy dont mean easy, u kno what i mean!!! as the safrole faq says, just distill under vacuum and recieve safrole.

do i need to purify it. or once distilled can i go on to the wacker step.

sorry to those all who consider this irrelevant, it is just, that i want to cover all angles as perfection of process is the key .

i consider my self to have a good understanding, however, i feel that the FAQ's are based for people with backgroung knowledge. however, i understand the synth but there are always questions of concern that will perhaps arise throughout my trial and error. thanks to those who help me..!!!!!tonguewinkwinkwinkwink

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06-27-03 11:07
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      Distillation comes highly reccommended  Bookmark   

Purification of your precursors and intermediates after each step will ensure you a pure product, a high yield and will save you from problems and headaches later on in the synthesis due to impurities present from the start. I strongtly reccommend you to distill your oil.
06-27-03 11:16
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      yes but...  Bookmark   

i understand that you have to distil the oil to obtain safrole but do i have to purify the safrole, or after distillation is it ready for the next step....blushthe wacker process.. thanks all.
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06-27-03 11:29
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      Sassafras Distillation = Purification of Safrole  Bookmark   

The slow, careful distillation of sassafras oil (distill so that 1-2 drops/second distills over, preferably using a fractionating column* in your distillation setup) will leave you with safrole pure enough to use in the next step (the Wacker oxidation, for example).

* See for example Post 330095 (wareami: "Azeotropes and Fract Dist.", Chemicals & Equipment) and other posts at the Hive.
06-29-03 09:21
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thanks for the reply i have a reasonably good understanding of chem but just want to clarify a few points. i was looking at getting a 200mm Vigurex column will that be sufficiant...coolor would some one like to recommend something else..

so to trouble you all with my questions, however helping me hopefuly i can help others as the cycle will gowink