moedank (Stranger)
06-28-03 00:09
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      Glass..........aint never seen methshit like this!  Bookmark   

Been seeing and doing meth along time. NEVER MADE IT

I paid $200 a gram(i know thats what i said) for some shit tonight that looks just like glass. One small key bump and im still seein meth monsters(lol) after 12+ hours

why out of 10 years of seeing all kinds, different states, is this the first time i have seen glass.

NOT KINDA clear...........clear!

is it meth or is it trans-4-mar(ice, the real one)
feels like meth........but never did ice so??????[b]

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06-28-03 11:21
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      The "ice" you have is most-likely...  Bookmark   

The "ice" you have is most-likely cleansed, and re-crystallized methamphetamine.

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06-28-03 21:06
No 443212
      If your lucky it was clean rextalized gear but  Bookmark   

If your lucky it was clean rextalized gear but most of the Ice/Glass on the market is 30% meth 70% MSM. 4-mar or "ice" is not clear but kind hazy looking xtals.
(Hive Addict)
06-28-03 23:34
No 443225
      Possibly niacinamide based "ready rock"  Bookmark   

It is in Swim's area as well.

If it is flat, smooth, SQUARE shaped and see through.

It could quite possibly bee re-rocked with a product sold over the internet and at head shops nationwide.

Does "Sxpxr N" (aka crystallized vitamin B-3) Niacinamide sound familiar? wink

Gear cut or recrystalized with MSM has been the most common form seen on the streets for quite some time, so much to the point where rerock has become rare to non-existant (in Swim's area) but still very common in So Cal and Az.

Was very common 5 yrs ago.

Apparently it is starting to come back around. crazy

It is generally a direct result of a slow recrystalization MA + B3. Or nuked together in a microwave, or steamed together in a doubled up ziplock in a vegetable steamer. UTFSE...

Pure recrystalized MA will have off-white striations running through it and is not "entirely" see through or clear. (I think Jacked used to have some pics posted in the archives)

Niacinamide gives it that transparency and did I fail to mention it is also 100% water soluble.

Take a melting point on the shit and report back.

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06-29-03 02:38
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      scotty got it! thanks  Bookmark   

Meth in my area is hardly anywhere 2000ano if you can find it and thats the regs. Even heroin IVers will look at you crazy when your asking for meth.....(major city)

The rocks do have the off-white strands through it.

This was just to potent....
10pm small key bump
didnt need another till 12noon the next day

I havent done it in awhile but this was the best ive ever seen. 

cant wait to see what the trans-4-mar(real ICE) is like!  Ill post the difference in color,taste,TEMP soon
06-30-03 22:25
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      Curious  Bookmark   

SwiI_R is curious..she has not bought for a few years...doesn't sell either but knew Swim who did, cut with MSM...are you familiar with your source??? Why would ya want Ice if it is 30% meth, 70% MSM?? Her stuffm looks like glass you speak of, is a result of TLC, among other things...Keeps ya up and is mighty potent..just curious, anxious to hear yer results...of course its not cut...
(Hive Bee)
08-02-03 12:58
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      ice  Bookmark   

My guess is that what you have is well washed, recrystalized meth, or glass. but since I haven't seen it, that is just what it sounds likewink

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08-02-03 17:56
No 451343
      jesus! stop that!  Bookmark   

What the fuck is trans-4-mar? Is it your local tweeker lingo for 4-methylaminorex? If so, why the 4-mar bullshit?

Plus whats your question? you said yourself you havent done dope in a while , so theres you answer to the one key bump potentcy mystery. As for the glass dope appearance, yes there has been a wave of giant (for the most part) un-cut crystals going around where I'm stompin' too.

Just do the shit and get a clue. Why someone would pay $200 for a gram and then tell a bunch of people that are more than likely making the same type shit for $3-7 a gram, I dont know.
Maybe you got the real deal(ice), most likely you dont. The availability of precursors for 4-methylaminorex production makes me think that your just twacked , high off some over priced speed and wasting your time trying to figure out anything without providing a picture.

Sorry if you read this and get a little bit upset, but your the one who started this thread without doing any research. Because this subject has been drilled into the dirt here at the hive. UTFSE for 4-methylaminorex.
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08-02-03 18:01
No 451344
      slow  Bookmark   

Very slow recrystalizions in thin containers such as test tubes produce a crystal the size of your thumb nail about 1/8" thick that looks like quartz. Pic's of this was posted a while back in a thread called eye candy by jacked... Nothing to it..

Tighten Up!  (UH)
08-02-03 20:20
No 451359
      Taste test?  Bookmark   

SWIC was shown a 1.5g+ chunk of what was thought to bee "ice" (methamphetamine). he was skeptical that someone would grow a crystal that large, so he asked for a taste test. the first 5 seconds of tasting tasted nothing at all like meth.... a sort of sour, not bitter like meth should taste, that was sort of tingly and wierd. it seemed to dissolve far more slowly then meth, but there was a hint of meth-style bitterness at the end. is this how msm tastes like? just curioussmile

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08-03-03 08:09
No 451437
      Not sure  Bookmark   

I'm not sure about smoking it but it taste bitter as hell. Meth in that form has no taste at all, As a mater of fact you don't realize how much smoke your taking in because there is no taste to let you know its entering your mouth, Then you exhale enough smoke to completely cover a fucking motercycle.... No taste is what your looking for.

Tighten Up!  (UH)
08-06-03 00:33
No 452042
      well let the jackasses come out of the wood work  Bookmark   

first, i know it isnt ICE(4mar)!

it is good meth, thats it.

dont tell me to UTFSE for ice you cunt. I have some cooking in the closet and PPA isnt that hard to get if you know who to ask!!!!!!!!!!!


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08-06-03 05:36
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08-07-03 00:01
      well first off FU
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