Bubbleplate (Hive Bee)
06-29-03 07:46
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      Ketone Color  Bookmark   

I know there has been quite a few postings about Ketone color, and the wide range of colors. But has anyone definitively figured out why the color can vary?
I ask because lately my ketone has been Clear with just a hint of yellow, whereas when the first couple of batches were the standard floro-greenish.
The only procedural changes I've made is more washings post-Wacker.
(Hive Addict)
06-29-03 08:21
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      Same here  Bookmark   

Most of the time my MDP2P is neon-green. One time it came out almost clear with a hint of yellow. Never blue though. I have never done wacker rxn, only oxone! Washing my impure ketone right after hydrolysis with sat NaHCO3, 3x, lead to distillation of the ketone with VERY LITTLE TAR (less than 1 gram), and light yellow ketone. This was the best Ketone swim ever made. (smelled the best too!)
07-01-03 20:51
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      ketone can be blue and still react quite well,  Bookmark   

ketone can be blue and still react quite well, search rhodiums site and I know from personal experience the blue color apperently comes from impure safrole
(Hive Bee)
07-02-03 12:20
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      I Know That Different Color Ketones  Bookmark   

from experience, aminate OK, but my question is what actually causes the different colors. I thought I saw a post one time that alluded to the Neon-Green color being caused by Palladium by-products, and could be eliminated by adding some activated charcoal to the Ketone.
Maybe I should have phrased my question: "What SHOULD the color of ketone be?"
(Hive Addict)
07-02-03 12:45
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      Ketone should be pure as far as i know,colour...  Bookmark   

Ketone should be pure as far as i know,colour doesn't matter as the stuff that makes ketone green,for example,doesn't even make up 1% of neon-green ketone.Colour is because of traces of some other material.

For those about to synth,we salute you
(Chief Bee)
07-03-03 06:58
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      Proper color of MDP2P  Bookmark   

MDP2P should be Post-It<tm> yellow when pure.