Schwa (Stranger)
06-29-03 18:57
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My babe-alicious girlfriend who works in a research lab gifted me with a small amount of Pd on charcoal and a small amount of Pt on charcoal.  What kind of stuff would I have to get into to reduce a nitro compound to an amine?  The pipe bomb sounds interesting, but in these days of rampant patriotism in America, just saying the word bomb makes folks nervous.  Someone could even suggest comparative research, if it might lead to worthwhile information.  Platinum catalyst pellets...what a woman.  Peace.


After all, I am just an upside down e.
(Hive Bee)
06-29-03 22:42
No 443346
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I reccomend you take a look at Rhodiums page and UTFSE
Tons of info to behold if you look for it.