neohippy (Stranger)
06-29-03 13:27
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      methyl ester of lysergic acid from tryptophan  Bookmark   

a while back someone posted a pdf file of the synthesis.
i formatted my computer and dont have it any more.
the link it was at doesnt have it now.
does anyone have the file?
(Chief Bee)
06-30-03 06:07
No 443511
      more details please  Bookmark   

Can you tell us the link it actually *were* at, that would probably help a lot.
06-30-03 18:29
No 443619
      Skills are Lacking  Bookmark   

He's probably talking about Post 420423 (pHarmacist: "Synthesis of Ergot Alkaloids from Tryptophan", Tryptamine Chemistry), Post 412911 (ChemisTris: "Total synthesis of ()-Lysergic acid", Tryptamine Chemistry), Post 404790 (not existing) or Post 404782 (Rhodium: "R.B. Woodward's Total Synthesis of Lysergic Acid", Tryptamine Chemistry) wink

Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
06-30-03 18:59
No 443620
      thanks  Bookmark   

it was the first one.
06-30-03 19:09
No 443621
      Using the Search Engine  Bookmark   

Which was found by merely inputting "lysergic + total + syn" into the search engine field for this forum, during the last year, which resulted in the vast total of seven posts to go through wink

Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
06-30-03 19:20
No 443623
      yeah  Bookmark   

I went to that link the other day and the file wasnt there.
I assumed it had been taken down.