moedank (Stranger)
06-30-03 01:00
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      HELP! 4-mar synth, which PPA/norephedrine UTFSE  Bookmark   

Ive read, printed every damn artical about the euphoria synth.  Spent 10 hours on this thing today(with the help of some sniff)
which one do i need

1)DL-Norephedrine hydrochloride
    DL-erythro-2-Amino-1-phenyl-1-propanol hydrochloride
  ()-Phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride
2) L-(-)-Norephedrine
    purum, (1R,2S)-2-Amino-1-phenyl-1-propanol
3) D-(+)-Norephedrine hydrochloride
    purum, (1S,2R)-2-Amino-1-phenyl-1-propanol hydrochloride
   (+)-Phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride
06-30-03 01:13
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      and im not really a stranger  Bookmark   

I had the name moedank back in 2000, but didnt post much. tongue
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06-30-03 02:17
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      isomers  Bookmark   

eleusis states-"It is interesting to note that all of the stereoisomers of 4-MAR are centrally active [1] (ie - it is not stereospecific in action)."
../rhodium/chemistry /eleusis/aminorex.html

However merck says that it is the (+-)-cis which are the drugs of abuse which I think rules out 2) or 3)(not sure which as I post)
(Hive Bee)
06-30-03 10:45
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      all of them  Bookmark   

all of the above stereoismomers will work. What matters is that it is norephedrine.
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06-30-03 14:11
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      The most logical and economical choise would...  Bookmark   

The most logical and economical choise would definately be the -dl version as the optical pure versions often are quite expensive....

Size doesn't matter, it's the sound you make when hitting the ground after smoking it, that matters!
06-30-03 16:55
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      thank you all and bandil  Bookmark   

Thanks for that synth. write up you put on here.  changed my life.................
(Hive Bee)
07-01-03 00:58
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      molecule of the week  Bookmark   

norephedrine is currently the molecule of the week on the ACS website laugh

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07-03-03 14:21
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      still wondering!  Bookmark   

I found this link
Post 352258 (Rhodium: "The amide (trans-4-methyl-5-phenyl-oxazolid-2-one)", Methods Discourse)

but still am learning. Guess ill just try it and see!
07-03-03 17:51
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      Well god said it would work  Bookmark   

Ill let you know as soon as i can get some sleep......

Full write up of total non-chemist dream.  If swim high school chem teacher could see me now! wink
07-12-03 00:27
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07-12-03 05:20
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      I see now  Bookmark   

hope youre right!

meanest mother fucker in the valley...............
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07-16-03 21:09
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      hhhmmm  Bookmark   

moedank, swims wondering, how difficult was this synth and how much serious chem knowlage is needed?
(Hive Bee)
07-17-03 01:58
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      Well how did it turn out moe?  Bookmark   

Well how did it turn out moe? Let us have all the greasy details ;)

Size doesn't matter, it's the sound you make when hitting the ground after smoking it, that matters!
07-17-03 08:56
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      everyone calm down  Bookmark   

SWIM heard about ICE the real one, 4mar so.........

SWIM saw the post about 4mar without the toxic gas route so they are gonna just make some.

in a dream SWIM looked long and hard for PPA but after ALOT of time spent found some under a rock.  In the dream he got the PPA in hand first then woke up.

Now he is dreaming about the set up and other chems needed.  All said and done now........but they aint sending it to him by email so it takes some time.wink

Did you know the first ever organic synthisis used KOCN to produce urea, which is a common syn., and a good starting place for any organic chem. cool

As soon as the guy comes down and sleepsshould bee about 2weeks) I will tell you the entire dream he had. dirty or notlaugh
07-30-03 08:16
      well the dwarfs are all here so we are going...
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