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06-29-03 19:03
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Concise Large-Scale Synthesis of Psilocin and Psilocybin, Principal Hallucinogenic Constituents of "Magic Mushroom"
 Osamu Shirota, Wataru Hakamata, and Yukihiro Goda
 J. Nat. Prod.; 2003; ASAP Web Release Date: 30-May-2003;
(Note) DOI: 10.1021/np030059u

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06-30-03 04:37
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      Large-scale syntheses of Psilocin/Psilocybin
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Java: I've found that article at about the same time as you did, just saw it! Amazing... Amazing...

However, here is the full-text for those without acsess:

Abstract: The concise large-scale syntheses of psilocin (1) and psilocybin (2), the principal hallucinogenic constituents of "magic mushroom", were achieved without chromatographic purification. The key step in the synthesis of 2 was the isolation of the dibenzyl-protected intermediate (7) as a zwitterionic derivative (8), which was completely identified by means of 2D NMR analyses.

This is major advance when it comes to synth of psilocybin considering the shitty yield (10%) as presented in TiHKAL for the preparation of the phosphate ester...

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06-30-03 07:04
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I have uploaded it to ../rhodium/pdf /psilocin-psilocybin.large-scale.pdf