07-01-03 11:16
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      P2Pol from toluene and ethanol
(Rated as: good idea!)

In Tetrahedron Letters, 1983, 24(33), 3439-3442 ( a method for the preparation of P2Pol from toluene and ethanol is described.

Alkylbenzene (10 mM) and acetone (10 mM) were irradiated in a neutral alcohol medium (50 mM) at [lambda] > 280 nm3 to yield mainly alkylbenzene carbinol products and smaller amounts of alkylbenzene and alcohol dimers accomapanied by their acetone photoaddition adducts.4.

3. Irridiation were carried out in an immersion well assembly with pyrex absorption sleeve ([lambda] > 280 nm) and a 450 Watt medium pressure mercury-vapor lamp.
4. Products were identified and measured by GC and GCMS. Alkylbenzenes were irridiated for 24 hours at room temperature. Control experiments indicate that these reactions do not proceed in the absence of light.

For the P2Pol the reaction would read like this:

Toluene (10 mM, 0,921 g, 1,1 ml) and acetone (10 mM, 0,581 g, 0,7 ml) were irridiated in a neutral ethanol medium (50 mM, 2,304 g, 2,9 ml) at [lambda] > 280 nm for 24 h to yield P2Pol (5,3 mM, 0,722 g, 0,726 ml).

Distillation of the reaction mixture would yield P2Pol as the boiling points of toluene, ethanol, acetone and the products are not too close. Hopefully this reaction can bee scaled up, otherwise it would be pretty useless.

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(Hive Bee)
07-01-03 16:49
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Nice post Lego!

Thats surely the easiest way to transform common solvants into an evil drug precursorwink.

Well a 53% yield of P2Pol is not that bad!laugh

If only it was scaled up... But hey who care to buy some 5 liter acetone, 5 liter toluene, a pressure lamp for solarium, some ethanol and let the all irradiate?

Maybee 5Kg P2Pol will bee recovered after one day of such hard work.


It could change the world as we know it!

Hope some speedfreak will try it scalled up soon!cool
07-02-03 11:07
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      please explain someone the yields     

from the text:
"(xx%) - of product mixture" table footline page 3440 referring to the 53% in the table for toluene + EtOH.
" (0,1% actual photoproduct yield) " next page 3441 end of first paragraph.

This sounds to me like a cruel truth of 0,053% actual yield. What is even regarding the easy process a little bit low IMHO.

I would love to get corrected!
Please correct me somebody!
09-10-03 09:04
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      I just found that same article     

on beilstein, and it's true. Very low yield. However, imagine if someone set up a continuous soxlet-style extractor to remove the p2p-ol as it was formed. That would be nice.