Ph0enix (Newbee)
07-02-03 08:49
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      Thank You VE for STEaling My Thunder  Bookmark   

I have returned, like the Phoenix, to announce the New High-Yield Extraction Method that utilizes only ISO and acetone. Yet, I find VideoEditor has beaten me in timing, technique, and eloquence.blush

WTF! Is this the Libnitz-Newton thing I've heard of? You know...the Parallel Development Phenomenon that happens when special circumstances require special men and history produces such men.

It seems barkingburro was on the same track as well:
Post 438286 (barkingburro: "gaak gone so easy, how'd we miss this b4?", Stimulants)

Thanks VE! You're the

...though I know no one who employs such methodology it is quite obvious.
(Hive Bee)
07-02-03 09:09
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great minds think alike maybe. maybee you are both controled by the same alien minders.
i have noticed a lot of things that seem to bee invented right around the time peep can use what ever it is or handle it. someday i hope man kind can bee able to handle more mind expanding drugs when we as a race can handle it the gods/aliens that control/watch over us. see we are ready for biger and better things they give a few peep the thought and boom we have something new. i beleive thats why shasa was placed upon the earth cause the human race was starting to bee more open minded and getting ready for the experince we know as X (mdma)even tho not all the peepol that take x use it properly. most dont use it they just take it. imagin beeing here 100 years ago and being on e and feeling creeped out to express your self. that would suck ass.
07-02-03 10:50
(Rated as: Bullshit.)
(Hive Bee)
07-03-03 04:55
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      Phoenix: care to share your method?  Bookmark   

Phoenix: care to share your method? Swix would love to see one that uses only acetone and ISO. Swix has no ready access to naptha or xylene.
(Hive Bee)
07-04-03 02:03
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      Acetone and Methanol  Bookmark   

I have used Acetone and methanol with good results.  I did 3 methanol pulls and filtered then evapped on low heat, crashed with acetone.  I then added more acetone, put on the hotplate and proceded to try to recrystalize by adding methanol to the boiling acetone.  It looked like all the solids were nearly gone but then there was a powder forming on the bottom of the flask.  No matter how much methanol i added it would not dissolve so i took off heat and filtered it and then put back on low heat and once again flashed with acetone and was left with pretty clean pseudo.  The stuff in the filter had dried already and was kinda like chalk.   i dont know why that powder became insoluable in the methanol cause it obviously was soluable when i started or it wouldnt have made it through the first filtering.

It wasn't Me!
(Hive Bee)
07-04-03 13:24
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      ^^SHORTY the sodium carbonate maybee?  Bookmark   

^^SHORTY the sodium carbonate maybee?
Well it obviously sounds like the yields are good, so maybee the change in pH is removing some of the more pH sensitive contaminants.

I thinka try using more alcohol, and more again if more drying agent is used. -OR- not, and see at what point your psuedo yields are being eaten in to. Ask swis to take pH tests of the OH and write it down in ur special book in a colourful pen. =)

But how was swis yield of pure psuedo from your latest lit' experiment? =)
(Hive Bee)
07-04-03 13:57
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      No sodium carbonate was used Now that i reread  Bookmark   

No sodium carbonate was used

Now that i reread my post i can see how it could bee taken the wrong way.  I am not having a problem, i was responding to Xavl about using only acetone and methanol to extract pseudo.  I actually stumbled on this while trying to recrystalize pseudo which was actually too dirty to rxtlize.  I didnt use any drying agents.  what i cant understand is why this solid which was definately one of the inactives came through on the first methanol pulls but then precipitated out when boiled in acetone and methanol was added.  All the solids were nearly dissolved in the boiling acetone/methanol mixture but then just as i add a little more methanol to dissolve the last bit this powder began to precipitate on the bottom of the flask and by time i removed from heat and filter there was a pretty good amount which was caught in the filter and it was not pseudo.  but when the alcohol/acetone was evapped the yeild was about 75% clean psuedo.  I have done this several times with the same results but it only works on pills which can be pulled with methanol straight out of the box with no presoaks or solvent boils.  Hope this makes sense.

It wasn't Me!
(Hive Bee)
07-04-03 14:41
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      No your writing was fine, but I just ...  Bookmark   

No your writing was fine, but I just (wrongly-sory) assumed you were doing an STE modified method
aw, well maybee the OH added caused a temperature-solubility change? Also there are monomers which are activated by some alcohols aswell as water, but you should have noticed this when you first extracted it.

My guess is that XavI2 is using nicely gakked pills, with polymers and povidine.