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07-02-03 20:05
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      Reflux Designs  Bookmark go here for the pics and info  could have some potenchal as getto wares. 5gal (20 L) open top paint container.(These can be ordered in new from some proprietary paint chain outlets/paint trade oulets, or get some free from painting contractors and clean them with paint stripper/turpentine  Outlet arm - 1.5m of 10mm (3/8in) soft copper tube, bent to form a "lyne arm",up 200 vertically & then 600 long inclined upwards (to get some reflux) and then down 700 vertically. The 10mm soft copper tube is easily bent without flattening - use salt inside the tube to help prevent this, standard grommet for plastic beer fermenters, or improvise using cut sections of synthetic wine corks glued to both sides( they close in well).
A 500 long Leibig condenser over the 700 copper tube section out of plastic T sections (2 x 19mm/13mm (3/4in,1/2in) barbed PVC Tees) & 500 length of 19mm (3/4 in) plastic tube, clamps, silicone or epoxy resin, plastic glue. if this is a bad post sorry thought the old timers who use to moonshine could help with some newbees distilling becides theres some good pics in there peacetongue

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07-03-03 03:45
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and has an so called "condensor" is a reflux.

Actually this are sophisticated designs for fractional distillation which are useful for safrole/ketone distillation under vacuum or STP for example and more. No copper of course - SS316 or better, glass, metal glasslined or coated with high temperature thermoplasts like PTFE thats whats needed for the parts in contact with chemicals. On Rhodiums page is a pdf with a plan for a wonderful  still - which works perfect!
../rhodium/pdf /still.pdf

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