grokstar (Hive Bee)
07-03-03 07:22
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I read somewhere in the Psilocybin recryst for beginners thread about preserving your psi extract with vitamin C , (calcium ascorbate).

Sorry I can`t give kudo`s but I can`t find exactly where this is stated. 
But anyway,  is this the best way to preserve the extract?
Can anyone describe how long the extract can remain active?

After v. recent good pickings I`m keen to play!!

Edit> Mixing the extract with MgSO4 is also cited as something of a preservative... 

is it just a matter of keeping the extract as dry as possible??

Spirits of earth bring unto me
07-05-03 00:01
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the vitamin C is supposed to slow down the rate of oxidation of psilocin and stop the conversion of psilocybin to -cin.  The optimum way for preservation is to store in an air-tight container with some dessicant.  The jar should have some way to displace the air, so you can store on a vacuum or fill with an inert gas.  Then, store this in the freezer.  I've had extract keep for up four months with merely a dessicant/ freezer storage (didn't bother with the gas thing).  It should last a while, but I always use my mushrooms far to fast for any long term analysis...