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07-05-03 05:59
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This is an orgo. theory question:

If I have a benzene ring with NH2 attached and want to replace this with COOH:

 _           _
/ \_NH2 --> / \_COOH
\_/         \_/

I believe that the text book way to do this is to convert the molecule to a disulfide salt with NaNO2 and HCl, then use Cupric Cyanide / Potassium CN to change it into a benzen ring with a CN on it.  Then it can be reacted in an acidic aqueous solution to get the desired molecule.

First off, is this correct?  Secondly, is there another route that can be used? 

No, I am not a college orgo student, that needs help on his homework.  I am an ignorant man trying to teach myself some chemistry.

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07-05-03 06:42
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      1. NaNO2/H(+) ----> diazonium compound 2.  Bookmark   

1. NaNO2/H(+) ----> diazonium compound
2. React with CuCN ----> benzonitrile
3. hydrolyse to produce the acid

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07-05-03 07:35
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But my question was if that was the only path to the final compound?

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07-05-03 07:45
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      the one pot low yield method  Bookmark   


...and you may have some problems retrieving the product.tongue
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07-05-03 08:13
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Definitely appreciated.  I can now sleep at night.

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