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Just was searching pubmed and found this reference... thought folks here might be interested.... I havent been keeping up with things here lately, so I hope it hasnt been posted somewhere that the search i did didnt find. anyway check this out:

Hydrolysis of lysergamide to lysergic acid by Rhodococcus equi A4
Ludmila Martínková, , a, Vladimír Kena, Ladislav Cvakb, Mária Ovesnáa and Irena Pepechalováa
Journal of Biotechnology
Volume 84, Issue 1 , 17 November 2000, Pages 63-66

heres the link for the (short) abstract from pubmed:
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 Wrong link, it showes this article: "Neurochemical changes in brain serotonin neurons in immature and adult offspring prenatally exposed to cocaine "

The correct link is Medline (PMID=11035188)
Your link would then be DOI:10.1016/S0006-8993(00)02382-9

For this I used the extremely useful [ medline ] and [ doi ] tags, so no more cutting 'n pasting!  cool
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Post 435595 (Rhodium: "How to write proper Patent/Medline/DOI link tags", Tryptamine Chemistry)
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Hydrolysis of lysergamide to lysergic acid by Rhodococcus equi A4
Journal of Biotechnology 84(1), 63-66 (2000) (../rhodium/pdf /lysergamide2lysergicacid.pdf)


From a mixture of lysergamide and its epimer isolysergamide, Rhodococcus equi A4 containing amidase preferentially hydrolyzed lysergamide into lysergic acid.


The article also gives a very inefficient hydrolysis of ergotamine:

2.2. Ergotamine hydrolysis
Ergotamine (30 g, 0.0515 mol) was hydrolyzed using 2 h reflux with KOH (4 g) in 120 ml of water:ethanol (1:3). The resulting mixture contained lysergamide (39.1 mol.%), isolysergamide (35.9 mol.%), lysergic acid (8.9 mol.%) and isolysergic acid (3.0 mol.%).