homeslice (Newbee)
07-06-03 12:17
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Swims synth of p-benzo via h2o2 is currently like 3 hours into it. The temperature spiked up near 42 degrees while adding h2o2 at the beginning, but swims not too sure why yet as this is the first time it ever climbed that fast. Swim immediately placed the flask in an ice water bath to regain temperature control but 15 minutes after placing in the water bath the temp was still over 40. Swim decided that the  temperature wasnt going to go down in the water bath, so swim added chilled distilled water from the fridge, about 150ml. It brought the temp down and for the last 2 hours everything seems to be going fine, except that it didnt thicken like it usually does.

What im asking about is whether or not swim should let this run longer? Swims seeing the bright yellow xtals in the flask as of about 3pm est and that was 2.5 hours into the synth.

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07-06-03 18:05
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I finished everything up and i ended up with small yellow specs in what looks like some black gunk. Its very thick and settled to the bottom of the flask in the freezer. Is this accurate? I definately did not just end up with a yellow powder in liquid.