SorceresS (Stranger)
07-07-03 20:58
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      how could that possibly happen?  Bookmark   

any opinions? swiS did a 12. a/b extraction, when swiS went to add the muriatic from an eye dropper a whole stream of acid went into first rxn, first pull. had problems evaporating, smeared oil in plate and added some xstals hoping to start some kind of xtalization. let plate sit 4 or 5 hours, xstals started to form. dope came out with very good pattern and small tan tint. however, tastes good(no acid taste or smell at all), burns clear and tastes good in pipe. how could that possibly happen?

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(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
07-07-03 21:35
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Even a Blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.. hahaha just kidding they usually die of starvation
Now what exactly is a 12. a/b extraction? And adding a stream of something does not help especially HCl into a first reaction or first pull, which is it? In other words you want someone to help you first make sure you give them plenty of details of what exactly you have done, layed out as it happened remembering none of us here reads minds or in between lines. Be more descriptive and we can help.

Tighten Up!  (UH)
07-08-03 00:04
No 445509
      sorry...later...  Bookmark caught up. be back to describe later.
07-08-03 23:08
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swiS did the same thing she always does except when adding the muriatic to her first pull instead of two drops like always a whole squirtcame out. the plate would not evaporate until after like 5 hours. then it was tan really pretty pattern though and burnt clear in a pipe. made a couple of swiS's closest friends sick(or really fucked up?). after it finally dried swiS scraped it up then recrystallized using rhodium's recrystallization technique. now it is drying again. about 1/4 of the plate is patterned. the stuff is really stinky too.

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(Hive Bee)
07-09-03 01:33
No 445798
      Sounds like psuedo  Bookmark   

The pretty pattern is probably pseudo.

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(Hive Addict)
07-09-03 14:57
No 445954
      Gas  Bookmark   

A lot of you folks really do need to learn the art of gassing!!

Sorry,I had my tang all toungled behind my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying.
07-09-03 17:09
No 445980
      Just run it through another AB?  Bookmark   

try gathering the spooge, dissolve sufficient dH20 with NP on the top, hit it with NaOH, and Gas as directed?
07-09-03 20:15
No 446023
      not pseudo  Bookmark   

pretty pattern in a pipe. smoking pseudo will give swiS an immediate headache. she knows it is not pseudo.
07-09-03 20:18
No 446024
      s/d's right  Bookmark   

swiS guesses she does need to learn the art of gassing. she usually has excellent product. however, gassing would no doubt increase her potency and since she cooks to "get HER(and close friends) head on" this would greatly benefit swiS. thanx.

get your head on!