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07-10-03 01:12
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What is the best way to get glassware that previously contained diesel fuel clean. 

Hate to throw away perfectly good containers!


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07-10-03 01:33
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wouldnt just using more diesel feul and maybe a little elbow grease to remove any residue, then just repeatd rinses with warm water work. seems cheap and easy and i cant see why that wouldnt be fine.

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07-10-03 03:24
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UMMM, I am not much of a chemist, however I do not see why acetone would not clean it up purty....

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07-10-03 07:34
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You are correct!  diesel fuel can be removed using acetone. (had to do so one many occasions)  May need repeated rinses, but it usually comes out without a problem.

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