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07-09-03 19:22
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To Rhodium,
The Peracid Oxidation of Isosafrole: A Review
Just to point something out, I noticed in the article mentioned above, there perhaps is an error typo, in one of the experimentals it is mentioned that the vacuum was 3 mmHg torr, I assume you meant 30mmHg torr"
Just pointing that out so in case of interested infantbees looking and researching and perhaps dreaming donít loose themselves in their dream,

Technology, cheers

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07-11-03 15:26
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While 3 mmHg is incorrect, so is 30. A bp of ~130-150įC is more on par with a pressure of ~15 mmHg, and as the bp is the same in that experimental as in the previous one where a 15mmHg aspirator vacuum is used, I'll change it to read "aspirator vacuum (~15mmHg)".

Thanks for noticing, but please PM me corrections like this in the future, as there is no need to clutter the board with them.
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07-12-03 00:04
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15 mm is bit high,raf with his 10 mm brings ketone over 140-155 or so and with 7-8 mm vaccuum,around 140 but not lower.
Also collecting over 20 C temp will render ketone bit impure,over 10 or 5 degree range would be better and that's why ketone should be distilled 2 times,once over wide range and then as mentioned above.

For those about to synth,we salute you
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07-12-03 09:55
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Yes, I really should add nice practical tips like that to the review... Thanks for your input.

If you or anyone else has any practical tips, additions or corrections you'd like to have addeed to the Peracid Oxidation Review (../rhodium/chemistry /peracid.html) or any other document at my page, please do tell me about it!