Nmethyl (Stranger)
07-14-03 09:31
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Has anyone thought of using this common, substituted benzaldehyde to create 4-isopropyl-PEA or some sort of A or MA? Looking at it the PEA should be more than enough.

Any ideas on activity if any.....just something to think about ;)
(Chief Bee)
07-14-03 14:02
No 447053
      4-Isopropyl substituted PEAs/Amphetamines
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The 4-Isopropyl-phenethylamine is likely to be inactive, but you are free to experiment yourself. It has been mentioned in the following articles:

J.Prakt.Chem.; 29; 1965; 123-141.
Chem.Ber.; 63; 1930; 3029, 3043.
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The amphetamine has only been mentioned in the following article, where it and several other monosubstituted amphetamine analogs were synthesized and tested for their anorectic effects. The activity was found to be so-so and considerably less active than amphetamine itself. The article is very interesting and worth reading.

Anorexigenic Agents: Aromatic Substituted 1-Phenyl-2-propylamines
Gerald F. Holland, Carl J. Buck, Albert Weissman
J. Med. Chem. 6(5), 519-524 (1963) (../rhodium/pdf /monosubstituted.amphetamines.pdf)