Brewerboy (Stranger)
07-14-03 14:23
No 447056
      An idea realizing a first dream     

A friend of mine, SWIM, is researching a way to reduce Ephed to Meth. He dose not have any practical lab or chem experience, but has been spending a fair deal of time the last several months researching and dabbling with a few home experiments with percurser materials. Some getto equipment is also being fabricated. He had an idea how to do this in a stealthy manner for a small quantity and would like to get some feedback from anyone generous enough. He was originally interested in the balloon method because the simplicity and small quantity. The more elaboate methods may be considered in the future, but for stealth reasons he will have to keep things as simple as possable for the time being. Based on what I read, sometimes there are bad experiences with using balloons or condoms. Sometimes they break or leak. Odors permiate them. Also based on some reading there may (or may not) be some merit to a pressurized vessel. I seems it may keep concentrations higher, reducing the time required and reducing the temp somwhat. So here's the idea: For a small appx. 10 g reduction a small 187 ml. champaign bottle is used for the reaction vessel. A 24" length of 1" I.D. high pressure tubing is attached to the top with a hose clamp. The tubing is rated for 300 PSI at 212 F. The top is plugged with a nylon stopper. The stopper has a hole through it tapped for a pressure gauge. The hose would simply add some volume for gases to expand into. This set-up was made and tested to hold at least 100 PSI with air, though should hold much higher pressure than that. If a closed system like this would be used for a small, not to high temp cook, it would keep gases from escaping, and eliminate possable breakage of a balloon or the need for a condensor. Of course, the pressure would be monitored and stopped if it got too high. a low heat sourece would be utilized. Perhaps a crock pot with some play sand. Again, based upon what I read by posts on the balloon method, it sounds like the gases don't increase in volume more than 4x. In a closed system as described, that would mean a pressure of 4 bar, roughly 60 PSI. So, dose there seem to be any merit to persuing this further. Any feedback, of course would be greatly appreciated. If it sounds promising, I'll pass the info on to SWIM and he will test his equiptment further.

Don't worry, relax and have a homebrew.
(Hive Bee)
07-14-03 20:53
No 447157
      get a flask and an condensor     

a "Liebig" type one will be ok and both is cheap. Prepare the HI in advance. Add RP or H3PO2 or H3PO3 - a very small amount will do it. Add cleaned pseudo, attach condensor and a baloon on top and reflux for 8 to XX hours.
This is if you want to make meth.
What you told is playing. Construction kit.
Sort your priorities.

Thats my advise.
To simple?
Enough space left for a hundred fuckups.

Honi soit qui mal y pense
07-15-03 04:23
No 447301
      I Will !     

I have been invetigating materials, equipment, etc. I understand your position but don't get me wrong, I am taking this seriously and am not trying to jerry rig some junk. I bet many of the best bees
didn't do their first chem reaction with lab grade equipment. I recently read a post from Rhodium about how he made propellant or something in his mothers kitchen as a youth. I don't want to sound offensive, but I was hoping to be cut some slack. My ideas may not be completely straight
on track, but my prioritys are. Also, I was hoping for criticism on the concept more so on the equipment.
(Hive Bee)
07-15-03 10:40
No 447370
      Bottle problem     

Get a flask.  No, this isn't a flame, but champagne bottles aren't made to take HEAT and pressure...Just pressure.  You may be OK with that bottle this time for the heat and 60 PSI, but more likely than not, you will wind up with a reaction on the walls, and glass all over the floor.  Reaction vessel is the most important piece of equipment you can get, and is the ONE thing you shouldn't scrimp on, IMHO.  Do you really want all your hard work to blow up?

I really loved those crystal gardens as a kid.  Could you tell?
(Hive Bee)
07-16-03 02:38
No 447624
      Holy Jesus     

Waayyyyyyyy overkill. Just go online and order a friggin round bottom flask. I know of at least 5 places to get one for under 10 bucks. Hell, Swic has made dope in damn near every glass thing you can imagine, and has never had one break. I guess he's been lucky. But a champaign bottle is too damn big anyway. You should try to use the smallest vessel possible for a given size rxn(keping safety in mind, of course) I once saw a guy do a 7 gram synth in a fuckin combustion tube. The shit was good too. Stop trying to over engineer all this stuff, and just get some basic lab gear. Yeah all that ghetto shit will work, but it's a hell of a lot easier if ya have the proper stuff.


Just fuckin'do it already
(Hive Bee)
07-16-03 03:02
No 447627
      first reaction     

thats what you told brewerboy. It is good practice to learn driving, the first time behind the wheel, on a known well working car without "specialities" easy to drive, as foolproof and forgiving as possible. After some times of practice you may decide to build your own car, big block, charger hightuned - and a bitch, oversensible and all this. Many decide not to do so also they had this plan before they learned driving and stay with solid all-day workhorses. Actually one has to learn driving before one can judge about this.

You are in overestimating yourself.
And who should like to discuss with you - you know nothing. (regarding this specific reaction of course).

And anyways:
My condensor is bigger as yours. Period.


Honi soit qui mal y pense
07-16-03 13:19
(Rated as: UTFSE!)
07-16-03 18:25
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Dude have you ever heard of the (UTFSE)? If that don't work, try some ICE...
(Hive Bee)
07-17-03 05:25
No 447905

A bucket of ice water and a pump will work fine. Just make sure to check on it every 6 or 8 hours and add more ice if needed.

Just fuckin'do it already
(Hive Bee)
07-17-03 05:35
No 447907
      Uhhhh what?     

You are in overestimating yourself.
And who should like to discuss with you - you know nothing. (regarding this specific reaction of course).

I hope that wasn't directed at me. Cuz Swic knows plenty about Hi reductions, and in fact has grown quite bored with them. That's why he's been doing birches and will be trying as many different rxn's as possible including electrocatalytic reduction, and catalytic hydrogenation with Pd. Who cares if it actually works? At least it'll be something different. And I got way more dope than I could ever smoke anyway.

How come you changed your name? I liked the Organikum one better. How is the new one pronounced, anyway?


Just fuckin'do it already
07-17-03 06:56
(Rated as: insignificant)
07-17-03 15:32
No 448020

I did throw in that question pertty quick without looking
into it more.blush

TFSE did show some additional answers. I think I'm on the right track now.

07-15-04 09:33
No 519527
      does it work     

Does Fester's electrocatalytic hydrogenation work???

(Hive Bee)
07-15-04 14:21
No 519557
      I know this is a bit of topic but because...
(Rated as: dangerous)

I know this is a bit of topic but because youse were talking about equipment so ill add my two cents.

Go to a light shop, you can find light bulbs in every single shape and size you want. Some resemble RBF perfectly. Take which ever size you want and all you have to do is peel of the metal end with plyers and then break the glass end bit and BINGO youve got yourself a nice flask.
The peeling of the end off takes a few trys to get right but swim can do it in less then 2 minutes now.

So effectevly 4 round bottom flasks (four pack of 60 watt globes), cost swim 2 dollars.
I dont know how strong they are compared to pyrex but none have broken on swim so far.

These are from australian type globes and swim has gotten himself what looks like a lab collection of flasks for next to nothing.

Also any soft drink bottle lid will fit perfectly over the top of his globes making an airtight seal, works wonders as stoppers. Holes can be made in these lids and pipes can be put through.

Hope this can help anyone using wine bottles.
(Hive Bee)
07-15-04 17:16
No 519590
      Try a submergable aquarium or brewing heater...     

Try a submergable aquarium or brewing heater for a large pyrex test tube.