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any positional isomer of phenylpropylamine + HIconc. @ 275*C to give phenylpropane.

any positional isomer of phenylpropanol under the same conditions to give phenylpropane, allylbenzene and/or propenylbenzene. (products will depend on starting material).

Using concentration sulfuric (for acid-insensitive compounds) and Al metal for reduction of C=O an C-OH bonds to the respective C-H compound.   (M. (1917), 38, 11)).

All ideas taken from one of PolytheneSam's image files (image of text from some book).

benzoyl chloride + Bicarb + MeCN + Ultrasound @ 45*C to give benzoic anhydride in 98% yield

Hu, Y; Wang, J.-X.; Li, S.; Synth. Commun., (1997), 27, 243.

Maybe use this for higher yields in anhydride syntheses.

Benzyl bromide + NaNO2 + AcOH + DMSO @ 35°C to give benzoic acid in 80% yield.

Matt. C.; Wagner, A.; Mioskiowski, C. JOC, (1997), 62, 234.

Maybe use anti-markov on styrene, then this rxn to get phenylacetic acid. Post 477828 (Rhodium: "Nitro and Bromide to COOH", Chemistry Discourse)

Benzaldehyde + FeCl3/Zn + DMF/H2, for 1 hour to give benzyl alcohol in 81% yield.
(also states that the reduction works for ketones)

Sadavarte, V.S.; Swami, S.S.; Dasai, D.G. Synth. Commun., (1998), 28, 1139.

Maybe use this to reduce propiophenone to the alcohol- dehydrate to propenylbenzene-etc.

3-MeO-4-EtO-propenylbenzene is de-ethylated and de-methylated with KF on alumina in the microwave.  56% of the de-methylated product, 3% of the de-ethylated product. 

Ousaid, A.; Thach, L.N.; Loupy, A. Tet. Lett., (1997), 38, 2451.

Maybe use for de-methylation of eugenol.

Benzyl alcohol + clayfen, microwave, 5 seconds to give benzaldehyde in 92% yield.
(also works to oxidize 2° alcohols)

Varma, R.S.; Dahiya, R. Tet. Lett. (1997), 38, 2043.

For the synth of benzaldehydes from their alcohols and P2Pol to P2P.

Benzyl alcohol + MnO2-SiO2 + microwave 20 seconds to give benzaldehyde in 88% yield.

Varma. Tet. Lett. (1997), 38, 7823.

Again, synth of benzaldehyes.

Benzyl alcohol + K dichromate, benzene, water, @75°C for 8hr to give benzaldehyde in 86% yield.

Lon. J.-D. J. Chem. Res.(S), (1997), 206.

Again, Benzaldehydes.

Piperonal + AmOAc/AcOH/MeOH/Ultrasound to give nitroethene

McNulty, J.; Steere, J.A.; Wolf, S. Tet. Lett., (1998), 39, 8013.

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I guess that  (M. (1917), 38, 11))

means Monatshefte fur Chemie ?

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In the old literature, M usually stands for Monatshefte für Chemie. Can be found abbreviated as such in Houben-Weyl and Beilstein.

Since we are talking about a 1917-dated article, I'm pretty sure we are talking about Monatshefte für Chemie

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