del72 (Stranger)
07-16-03 21:30
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My friend is going to be working on a batch of 2ci in the next week here. He went to order the ethanolamine to hydrolyze N-(2-(2,5-Dimethoxyphenyl)ethyl)phthalimide. Is 98% pure ethanolamine pure enough for this reaction? The 98% is like WAAAYYY cheaper than the 99+, so it would be ideal.   I was assuming that is was pure enough and he was going to just order it, but I told him to hold off until I get a second opinion.

thanks ahead of time!

ApoStLe oF cHaoS
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07-16-03 22:26
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Yes, it's cheaper.  Why do you need the amine for a hydrolysis reaction?

Act quickly or not at all.
07-17-03 02:58
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      Phthalamide cleavage.  Bookmark   

Phthalamide cleavage.  Read the post Post 444539 (del72: "Ok so since swid finally spelt the shit right...", Novel Discourse)

ApoStLe oF cHaoS
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07-17-03 18:57
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      ethanolamine can be used instead of hydrazine...  Bookmark   

ethanolamine can be used instead of hydrazine

see Patent US4544755