ADDkid (Stranger)
07-17-03 02:56
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Hey guys, I have a question about the orange killer.  If one did the new straight to E extraction, but still saw orange shit, what can one do.  When place on foil, and when foil is placed over a small flame, lots of smoke is the product, also the crystal turns into an orange liquid, but after heating the liquid well, the orange shit leaves, leaving a little black residue. What can one do to clean the remaining P-fed better. Thanks. ADDkid
(Of Counsel)
07-17-03 09:33
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No one knows. Yet.

There is a recent thread on the subject of orange gakk which basically concerns the Orange I version. This newer one is more of a problem. I encountered it in an extraction from zyrtec-D tabs. A little goes a long way. I have played with it in its post-reaction, post meth-extraction form and it is the shits. I will try an approach similar to the one I used against Orange II when I return from a conference on the mountaintop with a guru and several coyotes. (It seemed like a good idea at the time...)  I think the coyotes are on to something.

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07-17-03 15:21
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Just wait til The KIDZ Brake out the PitStop CR on those Pharm critters!
HIGH Test Gasoline
Steering Fluid
and....and....and  TETRA!


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