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07-17-03 11:04
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Reading through the Photo Essay on the Nitromethane Al/Hg, I hit a little bump. 
This quote: "Gas began to come out of the dispersion tube, which I immersed in the toluene filtrate. "
Does this addition simply imply to stick the tube in the toluene, and .. thats it? or do you put a cover on the flask?

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07-17-03 11:07
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just stick it in the flask.  You just want the HCl gas formed to bubble up through the toluene so it reacts with the freebase to form the hydrochloride salt.  (mental image is similar to using a straw to blow air into your soda.)  within a minute or two (most of the time, immediately) you should see the white crystals falling out of the solution.

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07-19-03 08:54
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      better if stirrer  Bookmark   

the gas will have better contact with the toluene if the toluene is magnetically stirred while gassing.

07-24-03 00:33
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      Also..  Bookmark   

You may get a build up around the end of the tube, it may be wise to keep moving the hose around to evenly distribute the HCL gas throughout the Toluene solution.

Hope all goes well.winkwinkwink

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