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07-20-03 08:45
No 448648
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6g AMT freebase (as an oil, takes some time to xtalise) was disolved in 300mL ether from the bottle (not dry). Then a HCL in ether solution was added until the ether was acid (wet pH paper). The 'chunk's' was crushed and the ether boiled with stirring for 15min, cooled down and the xtals filtered off (fine withe powder). It's still smel's indole-like, but not as much as the freebase
07-23-03 04:35
No 449241
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Does it taste awfull like the freebase?

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07-25-03 00:27
No 449732
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It's still smel's indole-like

I thought salts themselves were inodorous since they can't be volatalized. No?

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