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07-20-03 19:46
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Swim was just recently in an independent dollar store when he noticed some 96 count red hots for a dollar a box..... Looking at the long list of inactives on the back of the box he noticed some unfamiliar boys on the block.Thinking it would be a crime not to give these darlings a whirl. Not too concerned with the povidone he thought he would list all the inactives straight off the box. So here goes......acacia,calcium carbonate,camauba wax,colloidal sillicon dioxide,confectioner's sugar,FD&Cred no.40,gelatin,kaolin,methylparaben,pharmaceutical glaze,povidone,powdered cellulose,pregelatinized starch,propylparaben,sodium benzoate,stearic acid,sucrose,talc,titanium dioxide,white wax...........Swim has used red hots containing povidone in a birch with no problems but these seem to have a few more additives than the previous ones.Shouldn't think there will be any problems but still would like like some feed back on any problems one might have experienced with these listed here.........
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Post 399804 (badbody: "The Prequel - Solubilities of Pill Inactives", Stimulants)
most if not all your ingredients are listed here.
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07-21-03 03:27
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Micro: These seem to be rather tame.
No notable complex polymers other than the povidone.
A tetra wash will rid the povidone.
Ibee would follow that with an alky extract and then an acetone wash.
Here's a brief list of some of the more difficult.
General Description 
NAME: Methylparaben

SYNONYM(s): Methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate; Nipagin M; Tegosept M; Methyl Chemosept; Methyl Parasept

IMIS: M336

CAS: 99-76-3

NIOSH: RTECS DH2450000; 17390

DOT: UN2769 Poison


White needles; preservative in foods, beverages, cosmetics; freely soluble in alcohol, acetone, ether; one gram dissolves in 400 ml water.
MP: 126-128 C

From Merck 13 ed.

propylparaben•Sol in 2000 parts water; freely sol in alcohol, ether; slightly sol in boiling water.

Acacia•Insol in alcohol

Kaolin•Insol in water, cold acids or in alkali hydroxides.

Talc•Insol in alcohol

Sodium Benzoate•One gram dissolves in 1.8 ml water, 1.4 ml boiling water, about 75 ml alcohol, in 50 ml of a mixture of 47.5 ml alcohol and 3.7 ml water.  The aq soln is slightly alkaline to litmus.  pH about 8.  Incompat:  Acids, ferric salts.

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07-21-03 06:30
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SorceresS,thanks for the link and wareami appreciate the info.As soon as swim gets a little time off he'll finish proccessing the little darlings and then run em on through.Will post the results at that time........